+100 hours in and I JUST NOW noticed that grims have a corruption DoT

Feels sooo much worse than scriptures, especially with chip damage and med stations usually only having 1 or 2 charges. Since there is no cap to corruption a single hit means death. What is the point to having curios with grim resistance since the DoT seems the same either way?

AFAIK It only DoTs you to a certain amount per grim. The resistance reduces this amount.

But yeah its so much worse than scripts and there’s no real gain. The only reason to do them is Melks challenges.


The DoT takes you all the way down to 1 HP. Like my teammate in the video.

Edit: Actually, I don’t know if my teammate was hit or not, so the DoT might have killed them.

I think it takes 1.5 Wounds off per grim or something. So if the party has both grims and you don’t have that many wounds, you’ll be left low. If you’ve stacked Wounds on your Curios its not that bad.

Did you just not pay attention to my post or video at all and comment blindly? He has 5 wounds and still goes to 1 hp. How many wounds should he have?

Also, isn’t grim initial corruption based on health and downs are based on wound segments?

Bruh, you have 3 teammates in the video and its impossible to tell what’s going, or know what damage or corruption came from where. Did you not realize that your video explains nothing, and then still get sassy on the internet with someone trying to help you?

I’ve never noticed a continuous DoT from Grims. You DoT down by a certain amount and it stops. I don’t understand all the details. We’ll see if someone else can confirm the behavior.

It 100% does not take you down to 1 HP. It stops ticking at a certain point. I’ve done enough runs with grims to be certain of that. I don’t know how it calculates how much HP to take though.


It %100 goes down to 1 HP (if not killing you). You can clearly see ALL of our HP bars going down without taking damage. Only one teammate goes down to 1 hp in the vid, and he wasn’t taking damage. You can watch everyone’s shield and see that we don’t take any hits until the one guy dies. Nothing else would be causing corruption.

Just look at my own HP numbers keep ticking down. It goes from 31 to 23 in the vid. You are either blind or willfully ignorant.

Weird that you’re being rude about this. You may have encountered a bug in this video but I guaranteed 99% of the time grims don’t act the way you’re describing.

Hope you’re gonna apologise for your weird aggression when you realise that’s just not how grims work.

We did 3 runs in a row and it did the exact same thing. Did you not pay attention to your health when you played your own games?

There are probably other posts as well.

Edit: Another post

Wondering if this is connected to corruption resistance being bugged, like toughness resistance being bugged when they made their chip change.

It is goofy; I was running a +1 wound and some 23% curse/grim resistance, had around 40% curse and like 79 HP out of my 110 reduced and I got killed by a poxburster no down on heresy. I wasn’t gray at the start.

I have no corruption resistance. Plus, I don’t think it is a bug. If it is not intended then why would they add a DoT in stead of just giving you the set level of corruption since they give you a set amount to begin with?

Are you going to apologize since this post was tagged as not a bug and you realize that is just how grims work?