Blightreaper feedback


So i just ran the blightreaper map as a handmaiden on legend, in my setup i have the 20% health bonus necklace and shorter dash cooldown.

So at the end of the map my group decided that it was probably a good idea that i start the escape rush.

So the other 3 went to the exit door and when they got there i picked it up and immediately turned around and started escaping, using my first dash right away.

Because i was quick about it i reached the tunnel door before enemies could block it and i got into that tunnel and used my second dash to escape futher yet and i made it into the portal.

With like 10 health left, and i went into the “dying” state inside the actual portal.

Where am i going with this? What i wish to say is simply that the blightreaper DOT damage is too damn high!

Handmaiden with 2 grims but full health post those, 2 dashes who never stopped anywhere barely made it into the portal and collapsed there.

It should really be lowered!

Was this in live or the beta?

If the beta thing ended with the patch today? Then it was on beta.

Was it tweaked for live? Would be really good to hear^^

Oh and does red daggers actually drop for kerillian? I think i am past 100 legend emperor boxes and still havent seen any :sob:

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