Blightreaper map is too long

The map itself is great. I like Pit as well, but it could use a bit of decorations to make it a little more colorful and not so bland.
But for Blightreaper already have people suiciding when it comes up like Skittergate.
Not a good sign. Find a way to shorten it or even just split it into two maps so dlc is 3 you know

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Do you really think, that it´s too long, is the reason ppl leaving?
I just can speak for myself, but i don´t think it´s longer than skittergate/into the nest. The early dark phase just can be pain, like the blightreaper event with no bottles.

But yeah, 3 maps would be cool. :smiley:

Kinda funny that in other places people whining about the maps being too short XD

I love Blightreaper how it is, some people are gonna suicide if they don’t like a challenge. I like it because it lets me know which people I want to never play with again.


It’s not too long.

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It takes a solid 30 minutes to finish. 10 minutes just for the dark part.

It feels like both Blightreaper and The Pit maps have multiple random routes through the levels that are simply not turned on for Beta. They’ll probably feel shorter as a result once they go live.

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Personally I am suiciding on the dlc missions bec. they are coming up several times in a row…like usually 3-4 times the pit, then maybe a 2x blightreapers (or the other way around). I bet they are currently heavily weighted on the beta quickplay so ppl test it. I wouldnt mind that much if they would count towards the quickplay “quest” and the 100mission completion challenge.

They are the only thing in the quick play rotation if you host as it seems. Searching a game in quick play might put you in one who has specifically selected a helmgart mission.

That is WAY too long.

I miss Waterfront, MtR and Smuggler’s.

Can’t please everyone, I (and my regular group) love the long maps. Spend more time stabbing rats, and it feels great to beat them.

But I get why some people like the shorter maps; I am glad they have a mix.

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For me and my group the length is just fine.
To each their own though.

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I think atm the length is impacted by the dumb sword dot at the end. “Spend 30 minutes on map then wipe to unstoppable damage”. Even if they fix the dot but add a tough boss to the library or something it will still be problematic the same way skittergate is: spend 30 minutes in tough level to wipe to blighstormer alley or 8 rng monks while fighting Ratsnikt.
People might do Blighreaper for their weekly challenge but if they get it multiple times in a day’s play they’re just gonna suicide like Skittergate.
I think if it was just 1/3 of the dlc maps it wouldn’t be so bad, but once you get enough of Blightreaper it is just “ugghh not this again.” Fine as a capstone map for a pack of 3, but disappointing that 1/2 of the dlc is gonna be “ugghh not this again.”
This is the first week people have played this so you guys saying you like the length I think have only played it a few times. I think once you get a few more runs you’ll hit that “ugghhh” point too. This isn’t enough to maintain player interest after a short period imo.
A map similar to Black Powder would have been a perfect addition to the pack. Small area, pretty fast but intense back and forth.

Unlikely, considering I don’t feel that way about any map - I still love skittergate when it comes up too. But that’s just me, love the gameplay, don’t really care what map or modifiers

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Same. There are certainly some maps I like more than others, but I do enjoy them all.

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