Blightreaper's (and V1 maps in general?) problem

The map is too long. It needs too much time and drains out our energy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the darkness and the torches: they let to the map to be really unique and add variety… But since we already have an element that slows down the pacing (darkness), we must not have two events (end dark part and end map ones) that do the same thing… Two event during wich we must just wait that some doors open.

Moreover I feel (and here the title is explained) that V1 maps in general were longer… but they didn’t need so much time since there were less enemies… A problem borns if we put them into V2, where there is an horde at every step.
Engines of War and Garden of Morden are other two examples of maps that drain our energy.

But, returning in topic, since Blightreaper is the main problem, I think both events must be shorter. Just this.

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I agree, for pretty much all maps, at least on higher difficulty. While the combat really is the point of the game, it’s can also be a slog that stops you from progressing.

I feel like a moderate increase in the horde timer (like 30s longer) would be all it takes to speed up progression through the maps since you don’t get stopped in place by a horde as often and could cover more ground.

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Blightreaper is a long map with a disappointing ending / premise.

Both Blightreaper and The Pit should’ve had random spawns of supped up Elites to represent the different warlords hoping to take the Blightreaper for themselves.

Sadly the developers will most likely never return to Burgertown in order to fix the pacing and final event (which is just a book hunt and no cool mini boss - not asking for a full boss).

As for hordes, not much I’ll add. Kinda wish we had difficulty specific enemies though where the higher difficulty the greater chance in coming across some particularly nasty monster / enemy.


Yep, I agree… less hordes in general can let us to keep a more aggressive and fun behavior, since a too slow rhythm can really drain our energy.

But imho Blightreaper needs a specia treatment… because it’s seriously longer than any other map.

This can be a good idea but the map should be totally reworked otherwise there is the risk to make it even longer… For example the first “door event” (end of dark zone) could be much shorter… and the final event could be replaced with a boss fight (but not tough like Nurgloth, since the map is already very long).

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Disagree, length is a fun, challenging and more chance to experience more events and enemies! Its not about the grind for loot its about the ride!

Although Back To Uber’s does have a problem in it’s original design was for a far less populated enemies and its in general too narrow for V2 especially in concerns of bosses & patrols, though we players have adapted and largely unnoticed after its initial release.

But I wasn’t talking about the loot (or at least not only)… the experience itself is boring. Too much into the same time is boring! Another example can be the situation which you have few time to play, you want do a quick match, and suddenly Blightreaper appears.

At least this is my opinion.

I think the Blightreaper is a really long map (assuming you’re doing any sense of exploring; if you hurry through there’s no map that takes too long). However, at the same time, it’s also supposed to be a culmination of Bögenhafen events in the same sense that a boss-fight is the culmination of a leg of the campaign.

IDK, I think it’s alright but I also don’t deny it’s not near the top of my list of QP maps. I’m okay with it but I can understand someone not liking the amount of legwork required for it.

However, the BtU maps are a treasure and I really hope they don’t change… in a lot of senses I enjoy the VT2 system over the VT1 maps! It feels so rewarding to play them (that might just be me, though).