Big patch coming next.... What's the ONE thing you hope to see?

Not so much bugs, as obviously we all want all of them fixed, and although cosmetics seem to be high on some people’s list can you at least suggest A SINGLE cosmetic you’d like in the game. Saying “Give me more reds!!11 I want lootz” will prompt a big eyeroll from me.

For me, I really really hope they remove the panic-button ult’s from those classes that have it. Playing alongside an elf with trueshot and a panic-button-pyro completely removes any skill from the removal of specials. At least in VT1 a trueflight elf had to highlight the special in red before releasing the homing missile. I want elves and wizards to have at least some kind of skill requirement for their Ult.

I play as Kruber Huntsman, and it makes me sad when someone is facing in the wrong direction up a flight of stairs and they kill a globadier behind them up a street in the distance. :frowning:

My ultimate hope for the future is a Map Creation Kit.


This will probably come with mod support, so custom maps will be kinda mods i think

MOD SUPPORT :smiley:

They’ve said that this will come with a lot of balance and optimization, so, I hope to see these two well done x)

I kinda want to see changes to the cosmetic system, Illusion gallery, how they’re handled, etc…

I’d like them to fix the things they said they fixed but didn’t actually fix. The latest patch notes have fixes which were already supposed to be fixed previously… and still aren’t fixed.

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I want THIS to be fixed, it’s really getting annoying and I really do not want to expose my network to all sorts of attacks by keeping the DMZ on just so I can play with my friends.

Dedicated Servers…


They said they are working on something sort of similar to the bounty boards. That would be neat if it came out next patch but it might be too soon.


Retroactive loot.


So much this. My game was unplayable from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 and the entire time since release I’ve felt like a beta tester. I’ve never seen a game jerk people around so much without acknowledging/compensating the user. Usually it’s like, “we had a bug that may have affected less than 1% of you… Sorry everyone… Here’s handful of our highest tier boxes. Thanks for playing.”

I despise when a game makes taking a break the most efficient means of progressing.

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I really want a good defensive weapon for Sienna, that would reward push/block playstyle, because now unchained feels a bit odd. You have weapons that rely on dodge, have mediocre stamina and weak pushes. I think unchained needs some payoff weapon to highlight her vent on block passive.

the ONE thing i hope to see:

Kerillian’s beautiful face


Dragons, the game needz moar dragons.


A fix for the brightness bug of huntsman kruber. I like playing as him a lot, but I like my eyes, too. So the eternal struggle continues… :wink:

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An option to turn of gore and screenshake (or well just a fix for the existing ones that don’t work), fighting of nausea and disgust kinda hinders the gaming experience.

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Green dust


You can turn that off in options. Gore and camera shake as well as head bobbing. Or does the option not work?

I want them to fix the hagbane.

It does not, at least not in the important parts.
All character actions still produce shake, i.e. hitting stuff (which is especially bad on sienna mace/2h hammer), jumping, shooting, etc. It removes the story screenshake though, like in hunger when the barrel explodes.
I have no clue what the gore option even does though.

Well, I have no green dust, so there is no problem with it :rofl:

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