Big patch coming next.... What's the ONE thing you hope to see?

Really? Cause I turned it off and I have no shake? Unless you talking about when you charge up a melee attack and the camera moves to the side a bit? Also, isn’t there an option called blood decale amount in video settings? I think if you turn that down, it will cut down on the amount of gore/blood details on screen. Not 100% sure tho.

Really? Equip a 2h hammer and strike the armored dummy in the keep, if it doesn’t shake your screen please tell me everything about your setup/settings, because that’d be the dream.

That turned off too, although i think it’s the blood on the weapon.

I would like, more than anything else, to see the voicelines fixed, and brought up to the same level of depth as the first game. I heard that 2/3 of the recorded lines aren’t currently said in the game, not sure if this is true or not. But either way, in the game’s current state, the cahracters just feel so banal and lifeless. While I would like to see balancing changes and bug fixes, those issues don’t impact the game for me as much as lack of interesting and relevant voice acting.


It removes shacking from movement. Try turning it on and hitting anything on the move. I don’t think it removes any other forms of shaking.


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Are you sure? Because turning it on and moving around doesn’t seem to do anything. Or are you talking about the head bobbing? (which i was not, because that one does what it’s supposed to do)

Yeah, I am talking about that. That is the only screen shacking you can remove.

Is there an ETA on this big patch? I thought for some reason it was supposed to be at the end of April, but here we are…

Beta version is suppose to come out May 3rd. It was in the latest patch notes.

Ah, right, I read them but must have forgot. Thanks.

Anyway, as far as picking one thing i want to see? I’d say toning down the multilayered RNG for loot.

Something like that for Kruber

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No problem!

Edit: I forgot the one thing I would like to see.
I wouldnt mind a slight increase to Pyros cooldown for burning head.
This is coming from someone who has played the most so far with Sienna.
Dedicated servers would be awesome, but I have a feeling that may be coming a bit later.
Hopefully the quests and contracts “sort of thing” comes with this content update. That would be really cool. I would really like some way to work towards a specific item.
Okay, thats three things!
I really really enjoy this game and I am “all in” so to speak.

more banter tbh

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Unbelievable that it is taking this long.

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