When's the next patch?

Any ideas? I’m happy for a few bug fixes as long as they relate to the mechanics of the game. Like phantom swing on dual daggers

Hopefully this week or next, but other than a single dev saying that’s his optimistic expectation, there’s been no firm date provided by FS.

Watching the constant updates on steamdb, and knowing that the mod SDK has already been updated to work with 1.1 (the next patch), my money is on tomorrow.

And to clarify, next patch should be “the big one” with mod support, new cosmetics and a whole new quest/challenge system (like the bounty board in vt1). It’ll surely include other fixes/changes too.

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You made me cautiously optimistic :open_mouth: you seem to be a bit more informed than the average V2 punter.

Those changes are what we need to stem the bleeding playerbase and maybe even boost numbers.

I’m still enjoying this game 400hrs in but I do feel my enthusiasm fading. I need daily goals beyond grinding loot boxes that contain little to nothing.

As a percentage, how confident are you about tomorrow?

Between this week and next, I’d say 70/30. But I may be biased by my optimism. One thing is certain: software development is full of twists and turns that often cause deadlines to slip. I’m sure FS don’t want to release anything that isn’t fully-baked after the backlash to some of the previous patches they pushed hard to release ASAP.

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Whatever happens I hope they do only release patches when they are ready. Rather than releasing early and break as much as they fix.

Will there be anyone left to play it?

Depends on the patch. Right now I think every patch reduces the number of players, cause they get more and more disappointed, that core problems are not being addressed. But if they finally do right things, and especially introduce mods compatible with rewards - the trend might change back.

That’s a good question

Tuesday next week is the national day of Sweden. Do they perhaps want to get it out before and take a break, or perhaps wait until after because of inevitable post-patching support? We’ll see! :slight_smile:

My man. 100+ cosmetic items dropped today.

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One step back three steps forward as they say.

My only complain is that they didn’t have to stack 100 items, before introducing them. They could have given them to players one by one.

Agree! I’ve seen a few articles on various websites about the patch too and a lot more folks are online today. Exciting times!

I’ve played a couple of hours today when I got home from work. Let me just say that before this night I had 1 cosmetic item and 0 red items and about 203 hours of gameplay. When I entered the game tonight I had around 30 chests which were waiting me from finished challenges + I’ve played 5 more maps and did the dailys, so around 40 chests in total. When I opened everything I got 1 cosmetic and 2 red items (1 of which was Executioner sword which I wanted really badly :smiley: ).

All in all, I’m really happy, but starting from tomorrow I will begin to note every chest and every red/cosmetic that I get so I can have a better picture about the drops.
And yeah, look at that peak http://steamcharts.com/app/552500#1m


Damn, grats! That’s the red I want most. :smiley:


I opened 30 commendation chests earlier, got nothing.

just now i opened 7 legend emp chests, 9 general, 14 commendations - got 5 reds. all necklaces and trinkets, and a vet hagbane.

while i was praying for vet daggers or something, the drop rates are MUCH better than ever before

you and me both… I want em so bad!

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