Quick rundown on the stream?

I can’t watch an hour of stream, can someone give me a quick rundown on what they said they were working on?

-We are still working on patches. We want to get them out quickly but since we have introduced bugs in the past with patches we are now under strict orders to do Code Reviews so it takes longer to get them out

-We want to do balancing. We are always working on that. But we don’t want to do TOO much balancing because you can go overboard and you need to wait until the meta settles before you make too many changes.

-We want to get bigger content out to you eventually

-We are looking to get a patch out to you soon. But not a big patch. Maybe early next week. We might put out a patch on the beta servers to gather some information.

-We are working on fixing holes in maps that allow gunners to shoot through them. We have to go through every map to do that so it is taking a while

-We will be making more cosmetic items. We are actively working on them. See, we have 2 hats to show you

-We will have a new system that lets you get things you want like cosmetics by accomplishing things or achieving things. See, it’s a picture of a contract book. We don’t have any information for you and our new system is NOT Quests and Contracts, it’s something else that does the same thing but works differently.

-Because we are a small company, we can listen to feedback and work on stuff that you suggest to us. Our new system of achieving things wasn’t something we ever had planned for the game but we heard your feedback and we changed what we were working on to that.

-We don’t have any more info on that system since we are too far out from it being completed. We’ll talk about it more in future patch talks like this more and more as we get closer.

-We are working on a solution to the Green Dust problem. We’ll solve it using the loot system. We know about it and we’re working on a solution.


Thanks a lot man

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