[FEEDBACK] Fatshark has to hurry up

Hello Fatshark,

So slowly I find it ridiculous and it angers me extremely what is going on right now (yes, I know you will be totally indifferent anyway):

  • Just +/- 200 viewers on Twitch (that speaks for itself).
  • Player numbers are dropping and dropping and you have nothing better to do than post sorry stupid posts on twitter.
  • The whole day grind for nothing, you get only crap.
  • You can’t even get materials out of disassembled weapons.
  • If you get a Godroll (gray), farmed days like a savage and gets only crap benefits and blessings (what is this crap).
  • and so on and so on…

If you do not hurry up soon no one will play the game anymore, because I’m also slowly fed up.

Soon come other Loot Shooter and then you’re out of the game anyway.

Yes, I know there will be DLCs (certainly) and they will certainly not be free.

It’s just no fun to grind for nothing anymore, the game is worse than early access, you can’t really do anything with the gear, you don’t even notice the few percent you make more.

So slowly you really have to get going, not even a Crafting system is built or ready.

The store and the weekly store is simply for the ass, you can play for so long is always only crap in it.

I do not know how you can set such a game on the market and then weeks or months nothing happens, you just have other games in development or what?

If not, then I do not really know what is going on :slight_smile:

Don’t take it badly but slowly I’m really pissed off and will certainly not throw any more money at you if there is not finally something happening, otherwise I’ll look for another game where I spend my time and I also have something from it…



Sorry, this made me laugh more than it should’ve.


Yeah good luck, they’re currently working hard to launch this enormous catastrophe on Xbox. I’ve given up long ago.


Im Sure Xbox will never be released and the Game finished in a year or so.

It’s for crying.

First And Last game of this developers.

Community and communication = 0