Anyone decided to stop playing until the next update?

2 players in my usual premade group have decided that the game doesn’t provide entertainment for them any more and have stopped playing. Sadly I have to agree. They are not willing to play just to grind layer upon layer of RNG. I’ve pulled together about 10 or so reds, many many duplicates and some with no illusion, and have had enough since the drop rate seems stealth nerfed in the .6 patch.

Our group doesn’t just play for loot either, we play for the challenge. Unfortunately, that’s not an option with specials that engage you out of line of sight, double or triple spawning specials, silent patrols, spawns that appear on top of your head etc. That’s not a repeatable or learnable experience, instead that’s the game saying “now it’s time for you to die”.

So, anyone else just not playing and hoping they fix the end game and broken AI? If they think that a few hats and skins are gonna bring people back they’re mistaken. A significant balance patch needs to come alongside any DLC.


I’m still playing, but you right… drops are too much rng, like difficulty (and bugged).


This is a game you’ll probably keep coming back to because of paid and free content that will be offered anyway. Some of my friends who knew how V1 was are doing the same thing. It’ll eventually turn out really good.


Nothing wrong with taking a break for awhile and waiting to see how the game transforms :slight_smile: just make sure you come back :heart:


“We play for the challenge”

“It’s too hard”

Legend mode spawns crazy stuff, get used to it man. It’s not impossible to overcome, it’s just really hard.
Everyone keeps denying they want cosmetics too. You’ve played this game up until this point to get some reds, now you have those reds and suddenly you’re bored. If there was more stuff to do you might not have been bored yet.

This game lacks an endgame, that’s about the only reason people get bored. They’d be fine with crazy legend spawns if they got a reward for clearing it.


How are specials engaging out of LoS not a learnable experience? Depending on which you are referring to, of course. You can run away from the storm and globes. You can find shelter in case of gunner shooting through buildings & you can learn when this happens (I agree it’s BS, though).

Double, triple, quadruple specials are perfectly manageable unless they literally spawn simultaneously on your team (never had that happen to me personally).

Patrols are also killable, it’s just difficult. Unless they jump directly on you, you have a chance of dealing with them. Dealing with them teaches how to deal with aggroed patrols. This (patrols getting aggroed) is something that should happen from time to time anyways, IMO.

It’s perfectly fine if you are not willing to deal with these spikes of challenge, but saying that they cannot be dealt with is just false.


Wrong. I don’t have the reds I want and am now not inclined to continue to grind for them. 10 or so useless reds or duplicates may as well not count as drops as far as I’m concerned.

Please stop being an apologist hiding behind a “git gud” argument for what is clearly a terrible AI director. Unless it’s normal of course that there are meant to be 2 gunners firing at you from inside of each other, nah, I’m not buying the git gud argument.


if the combat isn’t enjoyable for you anymore than a new hat won’t change anything. i think you should maybe break until the game gets decent mod support.

I did not “decide” it, but I just don’t feel like playing anymore.

Also chitchatting with you guys is so much fun.

You’re so wrong. Have you ever heard about this concept of fun challenge and irritating challenge?


No why shoud stop? game is awesome… I enjoy RNG actualy…it will be disaster if each of your run is the same, u will complete mission 5-6 time then get bored.

Offcourse there woud be situation u cant deal with, but those are fun moments in v2… if you gonna get salty after a wipe then you are special snowflake. Even best steamers wipe offten, more wipe than suceed actualy in legend runs.

L2 diference of group who cant complete mission and between good group in imposible situation, alot of time I wiped like 3-4 times then do 2 grims with same group.

i got 205 hours, dozens of emperor chests on champ, at least 50 sucessful legend runs, solider+ chest, and still no single red, or cosmetic but i do not complain, i just lol at this situation.

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I’m still playing, but have started to horde chests instead of opening them.

My hope is that once more cosmetics are released the droprate will be increased as well
and that the whole “no duplicate reds”-thing is implemented then as well.

Until they fix crafting/drop rates, red duplicates, and at the very least the bug causing some players to have apocalyptic spawn rates, I just can’t bring myself to play or recommend the game. Hoping they fix it soon. The rumours I’m hearing about the upcoming Bounty/Contracts system though doesn’t have my hopes up.

Would be nice if the keep decorations worked too… basically all the things you’d expect from a finished game aren’t there for me right now. It does a few things better than V1 but a ton of things a lot worse.


It’s not a rumour. FS showed a sneak peak in their Q&A stream.

Dupes gonna stay. They change in a way that you complete your set before you can get dupes, tho.

Yeh iunno how I’ll react if it’s just more chances at RNG chests, which is the impression I have so far. I continued to play V1 specifically because the contracts system was so engaging, because it’s not RNG. The RNG is just way overdone in V2 right now.

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Yeah, judging by the images, the quests are supposed to give usual chests. If they are not gonna fix the system overall, these quests might end up being as useless as deeds.

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Can’t stop won’t stop, love the hell out of this game. Nah it ain’t perfect but the core gameplay is amazing and it gets better with every patch. Most fun I’ve had in a long time was getting together with a few friends and wiping about 15 times in a row -just getting absolutely rekt- on some ridiculous legend deed before finally beating it. I’ve never played a game that was so much fun to lose!

They said nothing of the sorts. According to them the quest board will let you work towards specific reds & cosmetics.


I sure hope so. I can’t express enough how much the RNG has me turned off from the game right now.


That was my assumption.

Getting no duplicates before that point is what it’s all about.

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