From 70k to 7k constant players. How

I would like to know how the popularity of this game dropped so much. Is there just no end game worth contentiously grinding for?

Will future DLC be free? I think free content such as map and weapons could bring some players back. As well as a rework of the red weapons perhaps?

Unbalanced heroes and weapons

Endless bug etc

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Its frustrating and good gameplay only gets you so far when its tedious and buggy.

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Too much rng, too little rewards. That’s it.


Don’t forget the fact that there’s always a large amount of players that play “the new hotness” game for a while and then move on when they feel they’re done.


90% loss on playerbase can only be explained on how bad this game is in it’s current state.

RNG RNG and some more RNG.
Bugs, bugs and more bugs.
No real endgame content for better players.
Balance is so far away from being what it was in V1 that im stunned how people in FS even know their own home address… So totally lost.
They clearly have no expert players in their dev group because patch after patch it feels like they have absolutely no clue what works in legend and what doesn’t. That atleast explains the loss of better players.


Because that’s how things work. On the first few days, there’s a surge of players, trying it out and learning it. As people experience more, some find they don’t like the game that much after all and leave altogether, others turn to more casual playtime, playing occasionally, while only a small portion stays on constantly. Yes, troubles with bugs and other things might turn more people away, but others will just come on the forums to complain - or to try to make things better. Even after the first major player drops, people will trickle away. Some will come back for a while when major content gets released (1.1 in this case, and later DLCs), but even with a surge of a few new players, the total amount will drop slowly until it’s practically zero, or until it otherwise stabilizes to only the most dedicated players.

Looking at achievements’ global stats shows me that a quarter of players haven’t even equipped a Common item, less than that have reached even level 5 on one character, while less than a third have gotten Skittergate on Recruit. It gets only lower from that, only a fifth of players have gotten past Veteran. Considering what I remember seeing on other games, those feel somewhat high numbers, actually. All that informs us how much of that initial surge have really tried to play the game and gotten past the beginning stage. Other games have similar profiles. Comparing to one other game, Borderlands 2, another popular co-op game, 72.5% of players have completed the first achievement, gotten partway through the “tutorial” section. That’s less completion than this game’s equivalent, and (arguably) easier to get. Only slightly more than a quarter of players have even completed the story.

So, yes, losing players fast after the launch surge is very natural for a game, and nothing to wonder or be worried about. If anything, we are getting to a stabilized population now, getting smaller surges with new content and possible Free Weekends later. Several months more is needed to confirm that though.


Actually FS sold over 1 million copies, so idk if that’s a 90% player loss 99% loss or even a 99.9% loss - it depends on what you put in these words.

Copies sold does not = active player base.

I know. That’s why I said

I don’t think FS lost 90% of player base, more like 70%-85%. But that’s about active players.

What I am trying to say, is they could have lost different amount of costumers by their actions. How many players will buy their new DLC or VT3? Will they be able to hit 1 million sales again? No idea. It might be that common folk will not pay attention to game’s issues cause they don’t affect them as much, and still buy it. Or it might be that all the shenanigans costed FS a lot, and their future sales will completely fail. We’ll have yet to see.

Also consider how many more players could have bought the game and become active players, if it wasn’t for bugs, poor balance and lack of end game. Should we count this people in as lost playerbase? I think we do.

This happens to all games, my gaming community has hosted many servers across many different games. I remember when BF3-4-1 all launched, you’d have 100k plus people online for the first couple days, then it quickly dropped off. It’s around 10k players now.

I have 6 friends from my community who haven’t played this game in over a month now. Not because of bugs or anything like that, they’re just busy with raids in FFXIV and playing other new games.


Great comment,

Really put things into perspectives.

This is not world of warcraft anyway.

when i play with my friends, i dont care about who will be “the best ultra SCORE ever”
we just fun

Thank you for the replies. I do agree with many of them regarding games having huge sells then slowly settling. However I also agree with the bug comments, and I do think there is a lack of end game content. Having leveled 2 characters and unlocking reds, I don’t feel the need to come back and grind some more. Especially when I have more oranges with red stats (max values) than I do reds. I also think they could rework the heroic deeds.

Then come back after some Months V2 will still be there waitn for you to come back to the Slaugther, it is how it is, some Person(Like me) just have a big Crush on Warhammer a real Obession and others not, its better not to spoil that sweet taste of Gore&Lore.

I like the game in general. But after the beginning phase and after already spending time in V1,
I just don’t see much incentive to continue to play.

Orange weapon talents are boring as f***.
So - hunt for reds? Are they so much better? nope.

And the character trees - it’s cool that they are there. But compared to something like
Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer where experimenting with different builds made a REAL difference - they are just boring.

The “New Bounty Board” was exactly what was missing - a reason to login everyday and tasks to make the missions more exciting/versatile.
BUT since you only get RNG chests instead of working towards something pointedly, its also boring. And I really liked the special “tasks” which we got from the Bounty Board. Here we now just have things like
“Completing any 2 missions with Bardin” which is just so lame in comparison.

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