A compilation of the main issues I have read on this forum and the most requested fixs for them

Hello, after spending far too much time on this forum I thought I would try to regroup the main complaints and request I have seen on one post:


  • offer more missions at the same time to avoid repetition or have the rotation happen more often.
  • Have mission and secondary objectives be of interest outside of melk quest and xp once you reach lvl 30 and have completed melk quest for the week. (either have emperor gift drop more often or add some melk token after each mission at lvl 30).
  • Emperor gift should be of a lower rarity than blue.
  • Include shortcuts to the hub at least so you don’t have to walk to it every time.
  • Add daily melk quests and make some quest common for all characters so you can switch at will instead of maining or getting behind.
  • Make the grind less frustrating, either increase the xp gain (like time two) or reduce the time to unlock all the weapons so you’re set around level 12.
  • have a far better way to explain weapon abilities, especially how the special attack should be used.
    *have an option to switch the attachement on rifle (torchlight or bayonette).
    *some penance require you to heavly hamper your team chance of winning or are simply impossible, maybe change them for clutch action instead.

Battle/mission systeme:

  • revert (at least partially) the dodge nerf so light weapons are still fun to use without having a sprint like chain dodge.
  • remove or change chip damage through toughness so it doesn’t affect you if you have less than 10 or 25% of your health remaining.
  • buff auto rifle and pistol (again) especially ammo wise.
  • make the grim and holy book more visible (more light or contrast with the ground.
  • have more secondary objectives than those two.
  • Tagged enemy symbole sometime hide the face and can be confused with a fallen ally symbole.
  • allow bots to grab books.
  • make ranged enemies either less accurate or more prone to suppression fire and change for mele fight.


most of the remark here aim at making each build feel right and powerful, weapon feeling is chef kiss but fighting in general often make you feel weaker than you should be. Also the feat build don’t allow the level of customisation expected from “deeper class than Vtide” and don’t usually change the gameplay that much.


  • make his attacks a bit faster so it doesn’t feel slugish in fight.
  • give him some kind of range protection during the bull charge so he can close the distance without being mown down by three shooter.
  • buff his toughness talent so the shield feel less essential
  • buff his ‘nade by having the box opening as a default and not a feat.

(on a personal opinion putrid made the perfect ogryn patch note here:

Ogryn Review and Feedback after 24+ hours of pure Ogryn gaming )


  • rework brain burst so the ability scale better at difficulty 4+ either by itself or with a feat.

(I really like sarik idea on this even if I don’t play psyker enough to be sure of the number:
Psyker Brain Burst needs to be changed )

  • change the psyker feats so you can have a builds based around BB or completely different and not all about psyker charge and BB.
  • change the force sword push to be somewhere between the warp costing one and the current.
  • Add other force close combat weapons.


  • be prepare also increase the ammo obtained from a bullets pack by 40% (so you have less trouble balancing a team of veterans). Or have a way to passively regain ammo beside the aura.
  • Increase weapon switch speed from close combat to ranged weapons.
  • change some of the nerfs on the grenade talents so the grenadier style is still viable and instead buff the other talents to have more powerful build options (ideally: based on grenades, precision weapons and full auto weapons).
  • buff the rifles to be more inline with the bolter in uses.


  • revert some nerfs made between the two beta to have him thrive again in the mele.
  • buff the thunder hammer non energized abilities to control crowd and hurt elite.
  • reduce chip damage on him so he can cheat death and stay relevant.
  • increase his toughness regeneration abilities and feat.

I hope I have covered most of the big issues people would like to see changed before launch. I obviously don’t know if all those idea would work in practice but I feel like the game is really close to being absolutely awesome. Obviously there is still a lot to come with launch and later patches and I know the dev are doing their best and probably already have their road map. But I would say that right now the biggest draw back in the game are weapons being too weak compared to the really useful one and the inability to truely change a caracter gameplay as you wish while stay relevant.

For the emperor and humanity!

(I’m not a native english speaker so I appology for the potential eye bleeding^^’ )


I would like to also add fixes for the ranged weapon animations (equipping and partial reloads). Also some specific issues with the Lucius lasgun, mainly that is has terrible sights, the bayonet is not effective enough, and it has too much weapon sway:



I’m also very surprised to see no mention of the extensive greivances people have with penances in this entire post.


Another good post, we should be able to chat during loading screen and outro cutscenes so we can say GL HF when loading & throw out the GG WPs at the end and whatnot.



I’d like to add a note for the Ogryn, you can’t block cancel its charge like you could the charges in Vermintide 2. Not having this feature ironically makes it a liability in certain situations and actively hampers a Skullbreaker’s job as a clutch class.

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someone told me to press back (S) to stop it, it’s not as efficient as the block but I feel like it does reduce it.


Good list, most of them legit.

I disagree with the Ogryn “issue”. He should feel that slugish way he is right now.

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So I tested it myself and, yeah, hitting S does stop your charge, but it doesn’t let you stop on a dime at all in the way block canceling in Vermintide 2 does. That lack of precise control feels pretty bad imo.

Not gonna lie I would just press jump or other directions and it would stop. I didn’t know exactly how it worked but it stopped when I needed it to. What would be great is some clarification in-game on how that works!

yeah I completly forgot abouot the penance as I’m not that into them but you are absolutly right on that.

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