My List of Grievances

  1. Weapon perks are too stingy: 2% reload speed for 2 seconds after sliding?? 1% signature ability cooldown?

  2. Perks don’t give a lot of actual builds. I’m talking about flavorful and playstyle oriented perks like Vet’s camo perk. That is cool, not just a numbers bump, but they are few and far between.

  3. Weapon balance and usability. The bolter is ridiculously OP but has you annoying rack the bolt everytime you pull it out. Plasma gun takes 12 mag pickups to fill its ammo instead of 8 (intentional?) Stub revolver feels woefully inadequate in comparison to rifles, especially its ammo reserves and reload (could make it 4 mag pickups to fill its ammo?) Power sword active vs other melee actives.

  4. Valkyrie and cinematics text chat. The Valk load is so awkward especially since you can’t type to each other. It’s the place I would most want to chat to my team.

  5. Switch Operative. Why does it take so long? And why can’t I be placed in the area I was just at? It’s so annoying to look at the mission board, see there are no grim missions but you need scriptures for another character, switch and run back to the board. It’s so tedious.

  6. Easier to see item rotations and weeklies without going to each individual terminal. Alternatively allow us to access them from a single menu.

  7. Optimize the hub. I have some of my worst performance at the hub. Most of the time I’d rather not even be in there, I just want to get to the next mission. Could return to a menu first with the option to go to the hub or queue another mission and show timers/weeklies there.

  8. The beginning sprint of every mission is really tedious, especially if you’re playing the mission for the 2nd time in a row.

  9. There is no humor or derision in the dialogue. Characters are boring, task-oriented copies of their class. The only kind of camaraderie is when there are Ogryns talking to each other. Everyone else is stiff as a board giving support or insights as personal as a company email.

  10. Snipers are cheats. Often they are behind railings that cannot be fired through but they can fire at you. This was very bad during the closed beta.

  11. Getting grabbed is sometimes a death sentence. You can be thrown into chasms where you just die, no grabbing railings.

  12. Monstrosities: They are both too simple and too easy. I hate to say it, but they need adds or an overhaul because they are easier than just regular spawns in the area. Once that is implemented, then they can drop crafting rewards or what have you.

  13. Daemonhost: It is not a terribly fun thing to fight. Flawlessly avoiding its damage is impressive but it’s tedious to fight, very flaily and janky looking, and is more of a threat then other monstrosities despite multiple being in a level and more common to see in general. I think it could do less damage, less hp, and have a light grab as a part of its moveset, applying corruption until interrupted. That way it has an answer to shielded Ogryns while doing more than just flailing.

  14. Dogs and Trappers: I know its a L4D staple but I think it’s really lame there are forever CCs. The dog is especially unfair because it’s janky, hard to read, and frame skips. If nothing else is happening to you, I think the player should be able to escape on their own. Too often is someone CC’d with no other enemies around. Someone doesn’t immediately jump down with the rest of the party and gets trapped above the ledge; trapper long dead and they just have to wait 2 minutes to die naturally. Most people just Alt-F4 and reconnect from the bot that spawned free from it and you can’t blame them. That is boring. People play games to have fun. A dev should try to make their product as enjoyable as possible.

  15. Ranged Weapon Specials: I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks a flashlight is an incredibly lame weapons special. Why can’t that be the F key. Would it be so much to ask for that to instead be firing modes? Switch to a 2 shot burst, 3 shot burst, automatic, heck even special ammos. Lasguns can alter their charge, you can make them consume 2 ammo for 25% more damage as a special.

  16. Melee Weapon Specials: A lot of them are suicidal to use. Mostly the chain weapons and force sword. There are so many instances when I have used them that the guy I’m fighting hits me back while in the animation. God forbid if you’re fighting more than one guy, you will take damage and it’s almost never worth it. You should be immune to knockback and have a damage reduction from melee while using these specials because I have only felt punished by using them.

  17. Lying Ammo Counts: Why do some weapons have inflated ammo counts for no reason? Most lasguns take 2 or 3 charges for their shots with no way to use more or less like the Lucian. Why be unnecessarily cryptic?

  18. Bosses: Their adds are the hardest part. Something needs to be done about your big encounters because the mooks I fought to get there should not be the most threatening thing. Nor should someone be regulated to dealing with them. We all got to the boss, we all want to fight it.

  19. Reward Exploration: The small amounts of crafting materials is not enough to search those enormous maps time and time again. I think for now just increasing the chances of crafting materials to spawn would be enough of a bandaid until more things can be added.

  20. Communication: I just want to know that you’re coming up with a plan. That you understand that there are problems and that people are unhappy with the product on release. That’s all I could think of atm.

  1. Of course the instability of the game but that should go without saying. Not being able to reliably complete a mission without a D/C or getting kicked from the server at the end of every game should be at the top of the list.

More than half of these are stuff that was just fine in VT2 and “why didn’t they just copy what worked”.

I understand that they might want to make new systems but they just didn’t replace it with anything when they took them out. And with the game being so similar to VT2, they didn’t do a good job of making anything all that new either.