Suggestion about the gameplay

I’ve played 36 hours within pre-order beta, I feel generally good.
I’d like to provide some actual optimization which may improve the game.
As English is not my native language, my words may not be that clear. If my article is hard to read and understand please let me know.
I think the game should add some on-hit effects about what kind of amour players hit with weapons.
I know we have “shooting range”, but I think it’s much more friendly for players to understand the difference while playing.
And the elite sniper’s first shot after spawning should give players more time to react.
Also, I don’t think the ranged enemies’ action pattern that instantly peek to shoot and back is good. it’s too random and annoying.
Another little suggestion , as players are rewarded if they take action together(by buff), I think the buff granted from being close to teammates can redesign as a debuff granted from being too far from teammates.

I’m gonna get in on this too, also really enjoying the game just a few things I can think of (they may already be planned) to make the game feel more rewarding/make certain game elements worth the risk or just add a little more variety.

Secondary missions giving the same payout in creds and exp doesnt make Grimoire missions (or any future planned secondaries) appealing. Why do a secondary that will half my health for the same payout as one that wont? Harder secondary missions should be more rewarding.

Others have mentioned weapon stats and I’m going to here. Bars work well for how you’ve envisioned the stats working, but we need to understand how it affects our weapons. A numerical value for damage would be great for understanding damage difference between weapons and maybe a rate of fire, however the bars work great as we can see how close to min or max that particular stat is on the weapon, maybe just have it expand on the effect that stat has when we mouse over it?

Enemy variety. I love the enemy designs and the variety of special enemies is great. However in the Grim Dark future of the 41st millenium things are rarely so straight forward. I think having maybe 1 or 2 other enemy factions as well as the Nurgal Cult could work well, Gene Stealer Cult maybe, that are taking advantage of the upheaval and general chaos of the situation. Also on this topic the bosses of assassination missions would be nice to have a variety whereby the boss would maybe be selected randomly (maybe throw in a super tough Chaos Space Marine, with much fewer hoards but a generally tougher fight, would give a pretty big oh **** moment when its power armoured boots are heard hitting the floor…or maybe not just a thought)

Probably already planned but the ability to talk to just our squad on the Morningstar would be great.