General Feedback After Beta

I know this was just a beta so didn’t contain everything, but even so a lot of my hype has been snuffed out by it. Which feels like a real let down as I was so excited for this game and all the potential for being fantastic.

Let me first say there is some good elements:

  • The music is amazing, as are the voices and general audio scape. With some additions going into the full game this will be incredible.
  • The potential synergies between the classes to make a solid fire team are exciting
  • The few outfits and character kit we have seen so far look in keeping with the world which is rad.
  • The game ran well on my rig with good FPS and little to no loading issues.

However, on the whole it feels like there is a lot missing (even considering this is a beta) as well as some elements just not living up to what we expect as players. I hope they are addressed in the final release, but with that being mere months away I don’t see it. Some examples:

  • Locking outfit and other visual equipment that makes zero difference to gameplay behind levelling feels cheap. Either make gear give buffs that mean something, or let me make my character look the way I want from the start. Customising the attire of my avatar in game is an enjoyable element but grinding to get a small spattering of options isn’t.

  • Weapon stats need explaining better. At present they are just little bars with a word next to it, but what does each do? Not all of them are obvious. In addition, the ability to compare weapons side by side when deciding what to equip and what to buy is a must. Constantly flicking back and forth, sometimes in an out of menus, is clunky and not helpful. The Borderlands approach with a button for comparison where needed is a good example of how this can work easily and well.

  • Zero weapon options for variety during the missions saps some of the fun out. Be this the option to grab weapons/ammo from fallen foes, or occasionally be able to pick up heavy weapons with limited non-replenishable ammo to lay down some hurt for a bit. Something to mix it up.
    Thinking of a good example for how this works - the left for dead series. Different grenade options throughout missions, weapon switching as you progress and find stuff (weapons lockers, guard post, etc. would work here), things of that nature.

  • The levels are visually stunning, but we are in a hive and feel like we’ve seen a few tunnels and sewers. I’m hoping you’ve held back the bigger maps for the main release, but at least a teaser would have been nice. The potential for huge chambers, sprawling hab complex areas, etc. are massive but right now we could be in a hive, on a ship, in a small mining complex, basically anywhere inside in the 40k universe. As it stands from the beta the levels feel samey and lack distinction.

  • Again, may be something being held back in the beta, but an introduction to the levelling system in the tutorial to show its existence and intended progression methods would be nice. Also, a way to view what you will unlock at which level so you know what you’re aiming for.

  • Explosive attacks from enemies currently have the ability to push players out of the map. This happened twice to me, clipping through walls and ending up in the void. The only way out of this is to suicide into the abyss as clipping back through doesn’t work.

  • There needs to be an end of level run down of kills, a score card so to speak. Including things like total kills per player, melee kills per player, range kills per player. Also number of elite kills (and what kind) and damage dealt to the big boss per player. Could also include times downed, amount of healing, all kinds of stats. Show a sense of friendly competition and team work. Again I think back to the left for dead series and how they do this at the end of the missions. Works well, adds to the fun of it.

  • In game tooltip, some of the icons and symbols on screen are never openly explained, the ability to check these as needed is a must.

  • The balance between the classes early game does feel off. This may get more stable as other classes rank, but at the moment the Ogryn feels like the winners choice by far, a squad of them is just a power house which doesn’t seem to have much in the way of weakness, and the Psyker loses out big time. Their abilities take too long to pop off so they often find their targets killed before the animation finishes. The potential for the classes to work together is there, it just isn’t yet, or at least that’s how it felt in this beta.

  • The game doesn’t feel like it will be fun for people who just need to drop in an out. Not everyone can spend hours and hours at it, and just want to take what little free time they have and jump on for a mission or two and kick some heretic ass. The lack of bots for single player, and the grindy nature of levelling hinders this and that is going to hurt those players who want to play but end up missing out due to life.

I really want this game to do well, I really want it to be the fun, team based kill fest it could be. I will always compare these style games to L4D as that was such a successful franchise and for very good reason. It’s the bar to beat. At the moment, Darktide isn’t anywhere near that bar, but I can see how it could be.

no its not. its generic battle music that does a good job of providing atmosphere and setting the mood. its not the Second Coming of Music Jesus. why does every game these days get such overblown hype for music that does the bare minimum of what music is supposed to do?

i don’t enen play with music on so i don’t know how good it is LOL

Are you trashtalking muh boi Jesper Kyd?
Are you a heretic, little swine that wants to be impaled for the sake of the Emperor?
Are you clinically and technically wrong on a lot of issues?
You decide. :slight_smile:

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no to all three.
and why would i have to decide after i already posted my response as opposed to before?

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Because I cannot let this stand. I think you haven’t heard a bad soundtrack in a while, so now you think it’s baseline that a soundtrack is good.

I shall teach you the error of your ways!

you have taught me the error of my ways.

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