Gameplay improvements(Opinion)

Things off the top of my head that are an issue in my opinon.
List of changes that may or may not be agreed with and may have been said before:
-Fully release crafting + reroll every perk you want, if reroll is free allow selection instead of rolls
-Nerf enemy shooter accuracy a bit, or buff toughness for melee classes and ranged dmg reduction, just something done period to deal with ridiculous battalions of ranged enemies.(someone probably said something better)
-Optimized loading times, performance, less crashes.
-Better hit registration, or completely change it to clientside, because it is absolutely terrible not being rewarded for your accurate shots not registering.
-Better minimum base rating gear scaling with your level
-better feats, or reworked feats they’re just so lackluster(not even talking about boring but extremely effective veteran, but like the other 3 classes.)
-better psyker warp charge system management system
-better ogryn in general for tankiness
-Shared inventory: weapons, curios, resources.(i dont care if ogryn can only share curios, better than nothing) why was this not even in the game?
-Manual shop refresh for free after every mission while keeping 1hr timer.
-Drops guaranteed after every mission, higher diff = better rarity + modifiers + perks + blessings
-Increased drop rate of plasteel to match crafting ratio, bc we’re sitting on 3k+ dia with 200 plas.
-Fixed poxhounds being ridiculous jumping to the sky and other warp treachery
-Stop snipers from shooting through 1mm cracks and sometimes through walls entirely(happened on espionage throneside on first bridge)
-Crosshair customization
-More in-depth sensitivity options for mouse
-buffs for weapons across the board(infantry lasgun mg Ia, IV, autoguns, headhunters, chainsword buff, etc, unironically i think bolter and plasma still need buffs)
-More chance of Plague Ogryn or Beast of Nurgle, or Chaos spawning in missions.
-Instead of giving emperor’s boxes, give weapon caches found at end of mission, and give emperor’s gift on past lv30 level ups. Gifts should be better across the board, while caches are current emperor’s gifts(random af) Boss kills + mission completion + left alive during extract similar to VT2 increases quality of weapon caches.
-Redemption system, minor or unique feats and stats for classes accessible via finishing a special mission for your class.
-Add variants of elites, that are stronger and tankier than normal.
-Free character slots for new class releases cause I know we can’t swap classes per character.
-Mission selection, your map, modifiers, difficulty, event etc.

In general, make the game less of a chore and compliment the main strength of the game which is combat.


This is very interesting. I like it. Could open up for some cool customization to a class.

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