A few feedback from a satisfied player

First of all and because I realise most posts here are to complain about things I want to state that I’m having quite a lot of fun with this beta and I will play the final game for a while^^

now onto the “could be better” points:

  • I would like the grinding aspect of the game to be a bit less straining, especially when leveling several caracters, either with an xp multiplicator when you have higher level caracters or by reducing the level needed for every weapon (keep the exploits as they are if needed but why have people waite until level 20+ to test if they like a weapon?).

  • sacred books don’t appear as being carried by the rejects.

  • I don’t seems to be able to interrupt the ogryn rush the way kruber could and that often push it too far. am I missing something or could this be added?

  • no private severs but this is comming.

  • maybe give the ogryn one serious looking top? As of now the one we unlock are all tank top with stuff on them, I would like an actual uniform or armor if possible so the caracter look as professionnal as the other.^^

  • personnal option but I would love a buff to the ogryn grenade and maybe a two handed close combat weapon for him, like a double handed chain axe?


TBH base Ogryn don’t really have a professional look to them, they’re either ragged clothes or armor slapped together from scraps of battlefield debris. Do wish we could at least earn the armor that is on the splash screen for the game in game though for all characters.

About the ogryn’s outfits.
Careful: possible spoilers.

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some of those do look nice, at least with the shoulder pad to hide the tanktop^^

Without going to bullgryyn territory, Nork ledog was a bodygard orgryn (which is one of the available background) and had a pretty cool armor.

an other point: baril explosion bump seems way to strong, as an ogryn I shouldn’t fly ten feet in the air and to my death because someone ignited a baril in my vague vincinity.
friendly damage is a thing but those bump have a bit to hight of a chance to provok unwanted friendly one shot ^^’