QoL Social And Gameplay

shield special : you gotta make it visually distinct its enough that ogryns cant see anything while using it but most of the time mates doesnt even notice
toggleable ads, infinite tag and remove the damn crosshair, seperate sensitivity for ads
nerf the bloom or whatever effects on flamer and staffs, i literally cant see and it drops my fps to 30
nerf the zealot bleed built hard, im sick of dudes running all over the place with their knife aggroing everything, proccing triggers, and then poking a horde down one by one, until that is a disabler is targeting them, their one braincell cant handle light spamming and dodging all at once
vet should get more ammo on pickup and make crates give at least 1 grenade/char, volley doesnt highlight all shooters
implement things like trollproof medicae station to prevent them double-dipping, we dont have a scoreboard cos its toxic but we dont even have an avoid teammate options for barrel or kit trolls, allow avoid player and block chat and mute vc
the barrels are trouble only for the players
do something about the specials attack clipping through the corner, especially with mutants chokeslamming me through the floor
armory where we can experiment with every weapon so i dont have to spend 20 minutes after each mission to figure out what i dont have in my inventory ( which i cant see when in the shop menu )
agressive enemies in psykanium so we can practice the fight
pool resources and allow buying of mats or at least bigger plasteel caches
daily contracts, remove the finish secondary objectives in x map, its nigh undoable but we dont have kill specials/elites ones
make the barber able to fully cusomise the char what if i decide i dont like the personality or sound of my char, should i make a new one to test those 100 options ?
make the inventory and shop sorting option a fixed one so i dont have to click on it every damn time, also allow cycling through comparison especially curios, and add inventory comparison on the shop window
better description of penances, like for eg the do each mission type on x difficult but the text doesnt tell me which ones are missing
better matchmaking, there is always double or triple classes, or just make a dont allow duplicate classes in options like in drg
also, picking up scripts and grims, or kill a monster, not to mention a host gives no reward
increase the range to interact with boxes and pickups by a lot
if someone dcs dont allow the bot to drop their stuff and allow a command for pickup/use
sound que for sniper spawn, get rid of hound backflip and emeies phase through me
and i thought when you said craft and customise weapons you meant craft and customise weapons, like division style, not just having 2 scopes in the entire game which are pretty much the same or putting paint on them
and since you insisting on the shop, allow to buy only one item from the bundle, and make all rotations buyable
and ofc fix the rng crafting and the disappearing mats and the so called red locks

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