Zealot is so skewed

Then dont play it with delibirately having your health at min all the time. That ability should be a helping hand when things around you go bad, not something you should try to maintain the whole game to have as highest dps as possible all the time. Then people complain they get oneshot by sniper. It was viable in v2 thx to temp healths and lack of ranged enemies, its not in here and i like it that way. 28 hrs on zealot. I also think hes ok.

40h on Zealot, numerous T4s and a few T5s
I don’t think Zealot is ok.
Not Zealot’s fault directly, except being really bland in terms of perks, but the game systems.

My problem with Zealot is the incredible stagger of ranged weapons. Sliding and strafing definitely help, but when I pop my ult, I should be able to close on an enemy regardless of stagger. Immediately being pulled out of my ult because I got hit by a chad gunner is such a feelsbad. I feel like I should be able to close the distance even though their fire. Ranged weapon stagger is so rough on Zealot.


It’s even worse than it seems because stagger can directly knock you out of your flamethrower stance and a charged up heavy attack(!) I’ve watched as I activated, begin a heavy with a thunder hammer, take a burst, and by the time I’ve recovered the activation is already gone and the swing I was trying to go through with is now much weaker.

Massive feelsbad.

ok patch today and some change… first:
feat level 5, they did fail to understand what we was saying, base the survivability of the zealot around toughness when our toughness is paper thin is questionable but let pass this

the first feat not changed… means still weak and barely noticable.

the second good improvement if it was not based on critical, it means it give you 4 second of reduction of damage after a critical. your best way to proc it is the use of your F… but honestly outside boss you generally destroy everything really fast with your F. but it still the best of the 3

the third was hit heavily with the nerf hammer for no reason. you still regenerate 5% of toughness per second… not within 4 meter but 5 meter (improvement) but not anymore close of enemy… but you need at least 3 enemy… for make it simple, against boss when no add is around… your toughness will not regenerate.

the bleed feat, yes is stack but now depending of the enemy type the bleed will be between 1-2 for the first stack… before it was a constant 2 damage whatever was the type of enemy.

another point i dunno if i was bugged on anything but special attack for the eviscerator don’t seems able to critical anymore from the F.

a few thing, yes allowing bleed to stack is cool, but since our critical is soo bad we can’t really stack them since one stack hit 2 time before get remove… yes it’s a 2 times dot. why it don’t have the same duration than the burning dot is beyond me… but well.
the trouble is against horde we already kill them in one of two hit… leading to not have the time to really use the perk that increase critical on bleed. it work only on boss or elite, but honestly when i see a boss i prefer get my flamer it will give me a better damage ramp up while avoiding most of the dangerous mechanic. it don’t means my damage will be better, just it will be safer…

I would prefer the perk that prevents stagger in melee be turned into a perk that prevents stagger from ranged weapons. I rarely get staggered in melee, but man do I get staggered by ranged attacks ALL THE TIME

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It’s not just the bleed that stacks now, it’s also the +10% crit chance, up to 3 stacks for +30% crit chance. This actually can lead to significant bleed stacking, and once you’re at that +30% it’s self sustaining on most weapons. The uptime is very very high on dagger, that seems to have around 15% crit chance base on most of its attacks (just an estimate from messing around in the meat grinder with it for a bit). It’s trivial to keep the damage reduction from tier 1 active the vast majority of the time with it as well.

Especially since you can start getting the crit chance stacks going on demand with your Ult, I already thought bloodletter was a pretty clear winner out of an admittedly extremely lacklustre tier, now I’m almost certain I’ll never be taking anything else, so not a great job on balancing talent rows, but at least I’m not only taking bloodletter begrudgingly anymore.

just did test, true bloodleeting stack… what is not noted on the feat. making it the best for the level 10 feat.
however the trouble stay the same… the dot only stay for 1-2 second… they need to increase the duration, maybe 5-6 second will feel better because you can’t really get tons of stack fast, even with the chainsword with the feat that give +2 stack with the special, the dot don’t really ramp up to be impactfull.

I don’t think it works that way…
From my own tests with a bleed dagger, bleed damage does not stack.
But bleed ticks endlessly…
Also consider that you need to STACK to get the crit chance AGAINST that one enemy.
It’s written in the description.
Considering many thanks die within 2-3 hits, that’s nowhere near enough time to really be relevant.

My solution was a bleed dagger (for reasons one might find heretical).

I’ve tested it pretty extensively in meat grinder and run it on missions and I guarantee the bleed dots stack, as does the crit chance, and with the dagger’s high base crit chance you do get good uptime in mission on both the toughness damage reduction from the first row as well as the bonus crit chance from bloodletter. I would recommend trying the combo more, the bleed itself is pretty negligible but the toughness damage reduction and bonus crit chance is very noticeable.

Also there is a bleed on non weakpoint hit trait you can presumably combo it with.

That’s the one I’m using.
It’s a talent that’s good on paper… but I think in reality it’s utility is limited.
But again, what are really the alternatives :')

sadly for level 5 the two other are simply bad. like i have said countless time…

  • the +50% of toughness on melee kill is cool against horde but barely noticable… since from the get go a melee kill barely give back any toughness.
  • the 5% of toughness per second when you are within 5 meter of 3 enemy was a nerf on something that don’t need a nerf from the get go. a food for though… Zealot have 100 toughness even if you spend all your curio buff on toughness you will get something close of +60% means you will reach 160… leading to a net gain of 8 toughness per second… when enemy hit you like a truck and draining your toughness extremely fast when you get hit. and the most important, the one really draining our toughness is the ranged…

for the level 10 feat i’m conflicted, yes the new bloodletting is not bad (outside the duration of the bleed that need to be increased to be at least 6 second). and it kill the interest of the two other totally.

a point we need to clarify at level 15 we get a feat that increase the effect of the aura to 15 of damage reduction of toughness… do the feat of level 5 is additive to that or not… if it is it means we will get a -90% of damage reduction. what is somehow…broken?

they have gone from something that was barely usefull to something that is concerning… because don’t forget a point at level 30 you have a perk that reduce the CD of chastise the weak by 1.5 second every time you critical… with a dagger build in full critical you will be all the time charging while being unkillable…

i’m the only one concerned by the overlook of this synergie?

ps: i want the zealot to be fun and balanced not broken and forcing me into only one type of meta… right now the feat don’t allows us to create different build… i barely see the point of some feat to the point where… i wonder why have the feat system.

feat system must allows us to tailor our zealot, or any other class actually, in a type of gameplay like one that is more oriented on burning heretic or another one more tailored into rushing in and attack the horde like a madmen… and the last can be one that is more buffing the group as a “preacher” and behind this player can decide to follow one of this three way or mix feat of different play style into them own style.
right now feat are a bad design and don’t make class different of career from vermintide when they have told us that the class was different. i know they are worried that player from VT will feel lost, but is not vermintide it’s darktide in the 41th millenium with laser and autogun and such…

Is zealot affect by it’s own coherency?
Crit damage reduction is worthless against ranged, which lets face it, is the real threat in this game.
You still need to get to the enemies in the first place.

You can dash once, but those 3 dudes you just killed won’t afford you the cooldown you need to charge again.

And the combat knife is a cool weapon, but def comes with heavy tradeoffs.

when you face a group of ranged you don’t rush in, you generally get your ranged weapon or let your teammate deal with them… however the damage reduction stay for 4 sec (saying from memory) is far enough for be able to get to cover… and like said with the level 30 feat you can get chastise fast, leading you to get a free 50% of toughness refresh and a dash. plus a critical that allows you to refresh your reduction of damage and your increase of critical.

like said the synergie is super strong, soo strong that all other feat on the same line will feel weak and underwhelming… leading to a point to question why this other feat exist from the get go.

and before fatshark decide to backpedal and revert this, yes it’s strong, but the true question is… do it is too strong or the fact that the design of the other feat are bad or useless in many case. give a feat something too situational or too short duration don’t make it good… like the +20% of movement speed for 2 second after a melee hit. it’s too short for be impactfull and like said the one that pose a threat are the ranged not the melee one.

sadly, we can see with the feat and the weapon perk that they don’t want to give anything that go is too big or have a too long duration meaning that feat and perk are barely something you will really want… only a couple of them will be good because you will try to get the best… and when i say best is the one with the effect with the best duration or effect that can really be impactfull… because on weapon get some buff that have duration of 1.75 second is useless. this passive are extremely limited and work only for the weapon use… make them impactfull and meaningfull is more important than make sure they are not too strong.
and it’s valable for the feat… instead to try to copy paste VT, why not try to go into something more meaningfull that when you take a feat your character will grow and will become more potent in a way to fight. instead to give us small buff that have barely any impact.

You need to hit something to get the damage reduction :slight_smile: Until that point you are a big hp pinata!