Zealot Blazing Piety Rework

i have some suggestions for specific perks in the zealots skill tree, i don’t have suggestions for changes to the entire tree just one really dumb area that makes no sense at all
specifically blazing piety and the sub perks. make no sense at all, and I’m suggesting a nerf buff change to fit into zelots kit in a way that might actually make sense?

first of all i will explain how it currently works and explain why this is stupid
blazing piety kill 25 things, get a buff for 8 seconds
every time something else is killed while the buff is active, the perk refreshes. giving you another 8 seconds of perk
this means, once you have the perk, you can not activate it again. and it turns into more of a permeant buff
great? no horrible as it is just taking blazing piety by itself is very good. it just means you have a 15% crit bonus that is easy to stack up and keep active, the perk itself is great. and i run the perk as it is, with no sub skills because, you don’t need them/ they are a waste of talent points

fury rising, what is the point of being able to stack up this buff faster. when it is SO EASY to get the buff to begin with, and even easier to keep it active. this is darktide, you know how many things are dyeing all around you all the time? you think, that not 1 enemy will die writhing 8 seconds? hell no this buff gets activated and then stays active for 90% of the mission. i don’t need to stack it up faster

righteous warrior, 10% crit, good, nothing wrong with it I’m just not spending 2 skill tree points, getting down here just for an extra 10% crit. if i was spending 1 skill point, i would maybe take it but needing to go through fury rising makes it 100% not worth it, i will take 50% crit and weak spot after doge, or just go get more attack speed + small toughness DR, or 20% mele damage after sprint depleted, getting down to righteous warrior makes no sense, getting to the bottom of this tree is not rewarding at all

stalwart triggering fury, replenishes toughness
remember how i have been saying that, triggering fury is easy. and then keeping it active is even easier? and how you basically never loose the buff after triggering it, well what this means is. i go into battle with full toughness, hoard is coming in. 25 enemies die. hell i haven’t lost any toughness at this point. boom stalwart triggers. i gain 0- toughness. then mid way through the battle. i never get a retrigger of stalwart because i NEVER LOOSE blazing piety’s buff because stuff keeps dyeing. so what is the point of a perk that never works when you NEED IT TO WORK
stupid useless, perk why is it even here

infectious zeal 33% of blazing piety? which is 15% so im giving my team mates 5% crit chance? wow big woop, useless perk. why is it even here

see the problem? none of the sub perks make any sense at all. and are completely useless/ underwhelming for zealot
so here’s my proposed nerf, buff, change rework

first of all, these perks need to be moved around to somewhere that makes sense

fury rising goes where infectious zeal is
this lets you take stalwart and fury rising at the same time, this will make sense in a moment

righteous warrior goes where fury rising is
this meant your first pick on the right tree will be +10% crit

infectious zeal goes where righteous worrier is
this would give your team a slightly larger crit bonus of 8.25%

so now that the perks make sense in the tree in terms of actually working with each other in some what whatsoever. you still need to fix the main cooldown issue. and balance the new setup

firstly, we remove the refreshing mechanic, once you get the 8 second buff. it is simply an 8 second buff, that does not get refreshed, this means that the crit side of things will be nerfed slightly, since the perk needs to be stacked up again once the buff runs out
however removing the refreshing mechanic buffs the toughness side of things since now. we can stack up blazing piety again and get a toughness boost WHILE IN BATTLE, when you actually might need it
now you have 2 ways to balance this new setup
increasing blazing piety’s duration will buff the crit side of the tree, while nerfing the toughness side of the tree
and changing the amount of toughness you get back will nerf or buff the toughness side of the tree

with this you could for example, change the blazing piety’s buff time to 20 seconds
meaning every 20 seconds, you can stack up blazing piety again and get a 50% toughness bonus

while on the crit side. well you have 20 seconds worth of toughness before needing to have 25 enemies die again

if this is too strong for the crit side of things
make the buff last 15 seconds or 10 seconds meaning you have to stack it up more often to keep the crit up
then just give less toughness give 20% toughness 10% 5% whatever you need to do. it can be balanced this way. and it would work so much better for how zealot works

until then. i will continue to ignore these sub perks., take my free 15% crit bonus and spend points elsewhere

PS. side note, the mechanic where your perk slowly drains over time may need to be removed/ changed, whatever. I’m not 100% sure would need more testing


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