"Your weapon, your playstyle" is a lie

Locking most weapons behind classes and certain levels is a beyond stupid move for a game about building a custom character up.

Psyker get the shaft hardest with almost no weapons beyond the las/autoguns and their unique (and also terrible) force swords. The Staves exist. Yay. Sure. Maybe we don’t like the way the staves handle. What then? Oh right, lasgun or bust because we’re locked out of everything else that isnt terrible to handle. No flamer, no bolter, no shotgun, just staff or lasgun.

Locking one or two weapons to a specific class for logical reasons is fine. Locking classes out of most weapons beyond their specific playstyle makes the promise of “your weapon, your playstyle” a flat out stinking lie.

Remove these arbitrary, asininely stupid weapon restrictions and let people play the game they want.

And while I’m complaining: remove the level restrictions or at least lower them so we don’t have to play 30+ hours to get a weapon we want. If the game is about building a character how we want it, make those options available.

If the game is about grinding, then advertise it as such, and while you’re at it: sod off.