Psyker weapon choices are ridiculous

I sort of kind of get that Fatshark wants psykers to learn the ropes of the game with lasguns, yeah, whatever.

But being level 30 and having the shop full of that garbage is insulting and annoying. I have tens or hundreds of thousands stashed up because there’s no way to improve my gear, being stuck on ~380 level gear that I do not want to spend my crafting mats on.

Just please remove the lasguns and random axes from the shop, no psyker player wants that crap


i think they need to up the rng for each class depending on level to get class specific weapons from the shop. but i hope the crafting system will be able to help with the issues of having to wait hour’s to feel like you are progressing just because you got stuck by rng and there is nothing you can do about it.

Melk’s shop today. Take a guess at what class I play ?
I suuuuure love it when Melk offers me guns and only guns for a day.

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The rapid fire lasgun is actually good for some Psyker builds

Don’t take out lasgun, take out the weapons that compete with our identity.

Revolver is stupid on psyker, its made for single special targets.

Axe is the same situation.

lmao Revolver single special …I wish lol it falls off at range its a close range blast a random elite into the stone age for zealot, but only if they aren’t ogryn and maulers.

A DAY? Been all week for me. I’m a Psyker Main too.

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All week so far see you next month kiddo

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Heeeeeeey… Don’t call me “kiddo”… I’m almost 40 :frowning:

possibly demon possesses in the future comrade in arms*