Class weapons need to start dropping sooner for each class because as it is, the progression system is really sucking the fun out of the game for me

Its awful. i have no interest in playing other classes right now because it’ll feel so similar to my veteran. I’m tired of using the same autoguns and lasguns. They should have given the class weapons much sooner.

Give the class weapons up first (dripping them out for the first 10 levels), then slowly dole out the variants afterwards to shake up the feeling. you get use to the standard base versions, then you get the variants.

I was soooo excited to use plasma guns, bolters, eviscerator, power swords, heavy stubbers, flamers, Grenadier Gauntlet, chainsword etc. you know? all of the cool and unique and iconic weapons of 40k. Instead the only iconic weapon is the lasgun alongside well animated and good sounding but still generic autoguns. Why they did this way is baffling, why lock off what makes a class interesting and unique behind hours and hours of gameplay, right now when i touch my zealot or psycer after a few games of playing veteran it just feels like a slog because I’m using the same weapons, the only different are the voice, ult, and grenades.

The worst part is that the grind is worth it (to an extent), the unique weapons feel so awesome, once i got a power sword on my main veteran it felt so good, but it took too long and it’s very discouraging to think of leveling other classes. the length of time it took to get a power sword was shitty, and while it feels awesome, now i know how much im missing out of what the other classes unique weapons.

TLDR: The game is boring, there, i said it. Mission after mission i get to choose between a lasgun or an autogun. But wait! I forgot, i can also have an identical lasgun that shoots a little slower, or an autogun that shoots slightly faster! Or my favorite, the lasgun that shoots slightly faster. all of these weapons share the same animations, the same sound, similar stats, and it’s all you get for at least 10 hours. and while those attributes are very high quality, they cant hold me for that long.

Wrong section, btw. But I do wish weapon progression was quicker.

Is crafting slated for launch?

This forum is confusing as hell. Where should i post it ill put it there. But i want it seen not buried. I’m not looking for point or whatever, i sincerely believe this is hurting the game.

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Likely in here:

For what it’s worth though, I 100% agree with the weapon feedback. I think each class should get their ‘unique’ weapons (hammers, chainblades, stubbers, etc) just a handful of levels earlier. Maybe around 6-8 rather than 10-15. I wish I’d gotten my Slab Shield sooner than 12 on my Ogryn, I’d have been a much happier tank; same with the Thunder Hammer on Zealot. They have such defining traits and uses that it’s almost a shame they come so late.

The only thing I can hope is that, like VT2, there are ‘template’ weapons that can be used when Crafting is released.