Class Progression Charts

So I hope I’m not alone when I say that having to grind until level 12 so that I could feel like a Psyker was… not ideal. I really think the force staff should be available from level one, but that’s a different topic entirely.

I think it would be very helpful, especially given the RNG nature of the loot in this game, if there were some kind of visible charts or tables that showed what weapons you unlocked at what levels. A lot of us, I’m sure, have specific weapons that are build-defining for us. Plasma Guns for the Veteran, Thunder Hammers for the Zealot, whatever. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when they’re going to become available instead of just being disappointed every time you check the store for an indeterminate period of time?

I know this information is probably going to be available on a wiki somewhere within a week of release, but it would be nice to have it presented in the game somewhere, maybe in the talent tree or the store. Just to give us some idea of the milestones we’re heading for.


I saw exactly this kind of system within WH40K: Inquisitor - Martyr.

They show you the classes, what melee weapons they unlock at which levels, what ranged weapons they unlock at which levels, and the same for utility items/talents/etc.

Milestone visibility helped me decide which class I wanted to choose, and made my chosen “grind path” bearable.

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Man, Inquisitor: Martyr is a great game. Set the bar unfortunately high for Psykers in 40k games though. The power customization for Psyker in that game is so good.

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Psyker is one of the fastest though, try Veteran. Veteran feels like garbage until level 18, when you have some brief fun with Accataran Lasgun until you get to 21 and go bolter for life. The first 17 levels were just a chore. Accataran lasgun should definitely show up way sooner, let’s say 13, similar to Zealots flamer, because it makes the class come alive. And bolter is just a delight, waiting until 21 is fine, if you have something decent in the meantime.

I’d say veteran ramps up when you get the shotgun at 12, but that’s still a good 5 or so hours of playing.

Try Zealot. 25 levels until you can finally use their iconic thunder hammer… You do get evicerator and flamethrower a bit earlier than that though.

I’ve been using this to work out when I’m meant to get access to stuff. It’s rough and not completely accurate but it helps.

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well you’re not a psyker, youre a person with psykic potential.

The unlock rate even interferes with game design, with a psyker feat at level 5 for toughness on warp kill. This would be kind ok if force staves were available, but it’s just a worse version of the brain burst feat for ~3 levels.