Progression could be spread more evenly

Enjoying the game so far however leveling up feels like a lucky dip where you mostly get nothing.

Currently it feels like there are progression droughts where your levels achieve nothing until certain milestones and the early game loadouts are samey eg. autogun and lasgun all the way from level 1 to 10(?). I would swap autogun for shotgun here to give some early game spice. Ranged weapon variety is important for Veteran.

I would also never unlock more than one weapon in a single level and instead stagger weapon unlocks every one or two levels so that there is always a sense of novelty to leveling up.

I would not unlock any new weapons on intervals of 5 as there are already talent and armor unlocks at these levels. It may even be worth moving the armor unlocks away from the intervals of 5.

Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some exciting stuff in earlier levels. I would like to see something novel for veteran before level 10 (Flamer, Plasma gun, Bolter etc). Otherwise people will have very limited variety to gameplay in the early game and this may be off-putting.

I would also like to say I really appreciate the game. I really think this game is pushing the ball forward for 40k games in general and for the L4D genre. It still has technical problems and requires some polish but I am optimistic about the future. Thanks for the hard work.