More weapon restrictions?

In V1 the weapons kinf of determined your Class. Wouldn’t it be logical to have more restrictions for every class? Would it be a way to balance the classes better or would some classes simply become to weak?

Would be a “nice” Idea.

But atm the classes and Careers are so offbalance. i.e. Atm with the Careers with the same purpose, two of them need a pretty high skill cap, while you only need to push one button on the other for effective bosskilling. Imo if FS would restriced the weapons further on the classes, the balance would be thrown off further and would lacking in the Skill/Damage-ratio department even more. ^^

I don’t think that restricting the current weapons more is a good idea, but I would like to see new career-specific weapons. There have been several suggestion threads for them already, and I’ve included my ideas too.

To be honest, some weapons being opened up to all careers did feel strange to me in the beginning (Spear and Flail, mostly) but the decision was made a long time ago, and the devs had their reasons.

I really don’t like the idea of weapons being unnecessarily restricted, like i get it for dual axes, their extreme power is the whole point for slayer, but i like freedom in choosing the class without being restricted in how to play said class. More combinations is better and in most cases the careers are different enough that you don’t need any restrictions to distinguish them (i would say the only two that are just too similar is pyro and bw).
I really don’t see what restrictions add to the game, imagine being unable to use dual daggers on handmaiden/waystalker, what would be the point, outside of removing a fun if weak combo?


no, customisation is the fun part of games. experimenting with different class/weapon/talent combos is where it gets interesting. restricting that is restricting fun!

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