Open up some DLC weapons to other classes

I propose allowing previously excluded classes access to DLC weapons currently locked to specific careers. I obviously think this should be done within reason, but I’m sure it would add some desperately needed variety to the classes, which after 4 years are becoming slightly stale.

Some examples could be:

Foot Knight with Bret Sword and shield - He’s a stagger machine, why not double down on it. I doubt this’ll be even close to ‘meta’ but figuratively punching your way through a horde sounds fun as hell.

WHC with Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome - I dunno, could be a meme, obviously there’s no real class synergy here besides maybe with the weapons’ AOE + flense?

Bounty Hunter with Skull-Splitter and Shield or Paired Skull-Splitters. The latter might be a balance issue, but BH is lacking in the melee department and his class identity of being a ‘boss killer’ has been power crept over the years. Other classes can do what he specializes at and don’t also struggle in close combat.

The last thing I want to do is throw off the in game balance. I don’t consider myself in any way a balance expert and if these suggestions have glaring problems, either thematically or in regards to power level, please let me know. Feel free to add your own ideas.

I think you can do that and so much more in modded realm. I don’t really see the point in changing anything in the base game. Also, new player’s won’t share your boredom and would just think that the devs had gone nuts :smiley:

The modded realm is empty, and sure there is an influx of new players every time it goes on sale, but the vast majority of us have been here for a while.

Zealot is the best user of the blessed tome, he has kill THP attack/stagger power and speed. Holy fortitude makes anything safe. A single charged H2 will give you all 10 stacks for flaggie’s zeal when fighting hordes or patrols too.

Brett sword and shield FK is meh because the bashes are slow and combo locked (the good one, H2). Not nearly as good at crowd controlling as it should be and again that bugged hitbox on the push attack comes back to haunt you, since a high stagger push from staggering force/opportunist will push most enemies out of range of the follow up stab. And the heavy stab is the best move since the 2 overheads are so slow and not as good damage headshot wise.

Repeater crossbow is one I’ll always argue for because bows get a little repetitive to use.

I’d love to see zealot with blessed tome. That’d be hilarious and fairly thematic watching a crazed, religious fanatic running around bonking rats and referring to his scripture in hyper speed.

The only downside I find is that tome’s charge SFX are tied to being WP, so you miss out on that glorious hit sound from charged attacks. Broken 3P viewmodels are expected, Slayer looks hilarious with this weapon because it uses his dual wield stance. Like he’s gonna beat you to death with his diary. Also works really well on him for the same reason as Zealot. Holy greathammer is possibly the best 2H ever on him. FK with flail and shield is the ultimate safety, had a few 0 damage runs with that. Constant staggers and blocks for days. I also really like WHC with Kruber’s spear and shield, the finesse multiplier for lights is like 4X which is gross with assassin.