Class Specific Meta/Weapons

I think a cosmetic problem I have is that some weapons can arguably be more useful on classes that they feel less suited for. I’ll give an example, Huntsman with a shield and Foot knight without a shield. Often tanky classes will get by, and often have better melee capabilities if they decide to forgo the shield; they have enough stamina. I see Huntsman using a shield more often than Foot Knight. Maybe that’s balanced in terms of gameplay, but it doesn’t feel right to me.

Few items can be used by one class, and I think in terms of the meta, that can be a great thing because then, that weapon can be shaped around a specific class without concern that it will break other classes. I think it would be nice to have more class-specific weapons, only usable by that class, which compliment that class’s talents. Maybe like a woodsman’s axe on Huntsman with decent stamina and push, while being moderately decent and handling crowds and elites to help clear some space for ranged attacks?

I like how there’s cosmetic DLC for the old classes to give some life to them after the DLC classes come along. I would also like if there were some new class-specific weapons too. I don’t mind the idea of a bit of redundancy either in terms of the kind of weapon, so long as it functions in a unique way. For example, Kruber already had a Two-Handed Sword, but the Bretonian Longsword is more elite-killer than crowd-clearer and has a nice block while preparing for a heavy strike.

If any, what kind of class-specific weapons would you like to see added?

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