WoM DLC weapons


this is just a simple and short request. Please remove career limitation on new DLC weapons.
I doubt that it will make someone much stronger, so please let us enjoy new weapons on careers we like. Personally I didn’t touched spear and shield at all just because it is locked on handmaiden, which I don’t enjoy.

Thank you


Sorry friend, this is going to be a cynical response. Asking for something like this would require actual time and effort be put into game development, and right now they’re busy with fixing their broken product.

I’ve asked for many QoL changes, that they can easily input, but the community saw fit to shoot me down for no reason, citing that the devs have better things to spend their time and efforts on. All I’ve seen is the state of the game get worse and worse.

But back to your suggestion, it would slightly break immersion if Kerrillian can suddenly use drake weapons, Sienna can dual wield pistols or rock a chaingun, or any other class using Sienna’s staves. For melee, it’s not out of the realm of imagination to see the Saltz/Kerrillian/Sienna use big hammers and axes, it would just seem odd, and funny.

You totally missunderstood what I have written.

Kerillian is hero. Waystalker, Handmaiden and Shade are Careers.
All I asked for is to be able to use Spear and Shield on Wystalker, Handmaiden and Shade. In the same way as you can use Billhook on Witch hunter captain, Bounty hunter and Zeal.

And all effort needed for this is to delete a row or two of code / or add comma and write down names of careers. (depends on how they made it)


Oh I see, sorry.

Still, you’d be asking for Repeater Xbow be available to WS and HM, and Drake weapons for Slayer/Ranger, Dual Axes available to IB/Ranger.

A little role breaking, but I wouldn’t mind.

No, you didn’t read properly again.
So clearly pointing out those 3 new WoM DLC weapons that have career restrictions:

  • Tuskgor spear
  • Shield and spear
  • Debazdrek
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Yea… and the weapons I listed are also Class restricted…

If you ask for DLC unrestricted access between a character’s 3 careers, might as well ask for the previous weapons to also be unrestricted…

But I am not asking for that. I am asking for DLC weapons to accessable as it was in previous DLC.

And I don’t understand what is your problem. You didn’t even read what I written, but started arguing. And now you are arguing about something that I didn’t even said.
If you just want to argue, go somewhere else.

But I’m not arguing…I said I’d be all for it…even if it’s a little strange.

I straight up said I was giving a cynical response, because this request will be ignored by the devs, just like any other request for QoL changes.

Asking for ONE weapon to be unlocked is less strong of a request compared to if you asked for all other weapons to be equally unlocked. I’m ALL FOR unlocking weapons, no matter how stupid or role breaking it is. It’s just that this is a QoL request that will fall on deaf ears.

Lore wise it really doesn’t make sense to have Spear and Shield on anything other than HM.
FK would really never use a spear.

The throwing axes seem to be an exception to this rule though.
Should be RV exclusive.
The only time I can think of Slayer using a ranged weapon is Malakai with his guns and Gotrek hurling his huge axe through the air.

She’s a woodelf, Spear and shield is perfect for Eternal Guard. Bardin’s always been a ranger but he could use Drake Pistols in VT1. I think we can stretch weapon association beyond RPG classes. Nothing is physically stopping them from picking up each other’s weapons and wailing on things with it. If anything I complained to my friend about Kerrillian’s Hand Axe and how elves are not known to use axes, then he mentioned that White Lions uses 2H axes.

Thats true. Forgot about Eternal Guard.

Devs are reading that, it doesn’t mean they accept everything, but they read it.

And the thing is, that this is not stupid or role breaking.

Lothern Sea Guards: Spear and shield with long bow.
And I don’t see why FK would never use spear, but would use halberd, mace, sword, etc. etc.

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Hard No, in my meager opinion.

This is all theory, but if the game does reach a state where combat is functioning, elf shield would be too much for Shade to have access to. You shouldn’t be able to chunk a bosses health while also being able to block all attacks.

I don’t know what to say about the other weapons to further support my argument, I’m not going to lie. I kind of got this notion stuck in my head that more weapons would be better balanced if they were optimized for a single class, but there’s not much of that and we’re too deep into the game’s life cycle to take A&F and BoP away from Zealot :laughing:

why IS a zealot allowed to shoot guns anyways?

Wouldn’t be so bad if his selection of ranged was limited (or, preferably, he didn’t get ranged power with stacks).

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I’m sorry to say that, but I don’t agree.

  • Lore: just to do an example, Shade with a shield is unthinkable (in fact I can’t see Slayer using the axes);

  • Balance: more careers use a weapon, more the balance will be hard;

  • “Uniqueness”: an exclusive weapon is something that characterizes that career. In fact, just do to another example, only IB and FK should be able to use shield. In this way we could also buff them (the shields) without break the game.

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Shade with shield and spear wouldn’t be anything insane, low dodge (DualDagger have dodge distance 1.35 and dodge count 6 and shield and spear has 1,05 distance and count 3), low damage burst, ability to block projectiles. (I can see only reason to use that weapon on shade and thats just to test it out, but if someone likes it, why not?)
Lore: lots of weapons that we can use are untinkable.
Balance: Yes there might be some issues that I didn’t think on first thought, but so far don’t see any problem.
“Uniqueness” something that locks weapons on careers that some people don’t like.

Lothern sea guard is a high elf unit dude.

Aye Slayers use axes. The War Mourner of Karak Kadrin using an axe in each hand just like dual axes.

I don’t think I have ever seen a Knight type unit in Warhammer that used a spear. Lance, Halberd, big blunt weapons, but never a spear.

I know it is high elf, not wood elf, but still elf. (Same, but different.)
Yeah spear wasn’t knights choice #1, but they could handle a spear when they can handle halberd.

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