Please consider this about careers and weapons

So i see a lot of people talking about how specific weapons are THE weapon to use for their hero, example would be spear for kerillian being regarded as the best weapon for her.

So my idea is maybe we could diversify the careers even more by having each one be more proficient in a certain weapon type or types like say handmaiden would be better at using spears or glaives than the other 2 careers so they could keep the weapons as they are now and each career could still use them but make it so that if you’re using a weapon your career is proficient in then you get some kind of bonuses like block radius or stamina or crit and attack speed or even cleave ability.

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

(i posted this on steam a few days ago and it got buried)

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I’d rather have every weapon balanced, so all of them would be equally viable for all classes.
You can bet that nobody will use a weapon that’s any less effective than the rest. I really doubt that pigeonholing classes is the way to go, it feels like that would deviate even further from VT1.


ha. any weapon is only as good as the person wielding it. not all elf players swear by the spear alone. it has good points and bad points by itself.

it would disqualifie some weapon according to classes…there s no point into that, you suggestion brings lower/higher tier segregation problem within carrier context .

There s already some weapon unbalance goin in that way, makin some weapon hard to use, so useless.

Some carrier passive have already better synergie with certain weapon or type of weapon.
The other one still usable (little bit less since the nerfs) by crafting some stats on it, compensating with some passive… to achieve more exotic character out of the carrier cliché…

i think it s a terrible idea, but FS is far beyond that as a matter of mechanics complexity

lot of people need a “bis” chart to follow and so will parrot whatever their preferred source of bottom fed info is. imo the elf currently has 4 weapons that are all excellent and none that are bad.