Why do weapons like mace and sword exist? (also other stuff!)

I’ve been playing with it for a bit, even got the glowy skin for it and I just don’t understand why weapons like this are added to the game, it has almost 0 cleave, is slow, clunky, has bad armor pen, and does very little damage comparatively, for example you have to dance around like using dual axes or DD but it lacks any of the upside, I think dual hammers may be in the same boat. Honestly they just feel so lackluster, im curious if FS understands what makes weapons good in the first place, most legend players can 1 hit kill storms from ranged, via breakpoint bodies or just being good enough to headshot, and CWs are a joke so ARP post beta nerf to maps being nothing but armor isn’t “as” enticing as versatility aka light armor damage (i.e the ability to do anything to armor) and the ability to clear hordes through cleave and stagger. Lastly (not AS important to all classes) mobility. I’ve never once complained about elf being too drastically over-tuned till now, resets on her active as any class are basically instant with CRD reduction on weapons due to her fast attack speed, all her dual wield combos sans DD offer good stagger, good cleave, good damage, and mobility. Shade is the highest boss damage class in the game with Hagbane waystalker being a close second, all of her classes have get out of jail free cards. It seems like everything remotely viable is dumped into 1 race, which unfortunately will continue to stigmatize her as new players refuse to be anyone but elf, or bad players join legend because “elf op” Personally im not so much “crying” for elf nerfs because whatever, keep her the same if you want but buff some of the other classes options. I was very excited for the new mace / sword combo for huntsman, faster attack speed (maybe), hopefully some cleave, and mobility oh god yes mobility. But 1h sword seems strait better or it would be if the weapon didn’t phantom swing still.


It got fixed today, seems alright now.

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