Current status of Elf melee weapons

Hi all - took a bit of a hiatus due to travels. What’s the overall consensus on the go-to weapons for elf at the moment? From what i gather pretty much all of her weapons are in a good state (some say 1h axe is underwhelming, I think it’s pretty darn strong as it eats shielded SV crazy fast).

  1. Spear - cant really go wrong with spear. A do it all super safe weapon
  2. Glaive - understand that it got some nerfs on its light attack and push attacks in terms of speed. Heavy melee 2 is strong but slow
  3. Dual daggers - got some nerfs to it’s heavy melee damage, cant quite hit the breakpoint to 1 headshot SV anymore
  4. Greatsword - I’ve spent a lot of time with this weapon. Pretty solid on the handmaiden as she can get the breakpoint to 1 headshot SV. It’s not that good against shielded SV though
  5. Dual swords - hilariously broken a few patches ago. Dont know what’s it’s like now that it’s crit chance has been tweaked. I imagine it’s in a pretty decent spot at the moment?
  6. Sword dagger - some say it’s the meta weapon. Generally not too impressed because of the attack pattern
  7. 1h axe - some people say it’s a budget glaive. The dodge is crazy on this thing and it hits really hard on lights. But apparrently it cant 1hit kill CW from a shade ultimate?
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