Flex it


Ill upload some more from my other classes later, these are my current ones on my psyker


This one was almost a 549 I did not get both t4 perk


That’s awesome that you were able to get the weapons you wanted with good stats and the right blessings, especially with t4 perks on both of them. The problem is with how consistent it is. As a person who spreads time equally between all classes, there is an extremely low chance that I could get a sword or staff that is that good. Not through lack of effort, but just sheer statistics. I would be more than willing to spend more time on individual classes if there was a more consistent progression system.

I hope that explains to you why lot’s of people have problems with crafting and progression in this game, even if really good weapons like those are still obtainable. :slightly_smiling_face:


So what you are saying, is I got them by dumb luck. It has nothing to do with playing the system, and being smart about how I used my plasteel, and working with it to get what I want.

If that’s how you see it, then that explains why you are having a really hard time getting your items, and should rethink youre whole approach.

I can show you bunch more that are just as good on different classes. Trust me it has nothing to do with luck or RNG.

Can you maximize your odds to get good weapons? Absolutely. I guess it’s similar to tabletop WH 40k, in that it’s all about maximizing your chances of getting good rolls. However at the end of the day, the basis is still built upon a RNG system. I still don’t believe this system is good for the entire end game. People who don’t know how to “game the system” will suffer more for not optimizing their gambling. And yes I suppose you can wait for Melk to have good items or hope for good Emperor’s gifts, but none of these are consistent ways to get desired items for specific playstyles.

Also, would you be mad if they changed the crafting to make it less rng dependent? You may not have a problem with it but lot’s of people do, and they would be very happy with such a change and maybe even come back to play. I know I certainly would. Wouldn’t you like to see a change make the community more positive even if it doesn’t directly effect you?


Crit build purgustus, 58 first target Illisi with blazing spirit, non basher club with brittleness, and weak point damage. ‘Flex thread’. Sounds like you could benefit from reroll locks being gone too, if these are your brag showings. Or do we just look for T4s? Because I have a lot of bad ones and high ratings fitting that bill, they aren’t actually as good as the ones I have with better slots but T3s mixed in.


Got a better build for it?

Crits double stack dot afaik. I’d personally prefer TB over Flurry and would swap CritDMG for Flak or something, but that staff looks cracked. 76+ burn, damage, and cloud radius is capped basically and it has close to max Warp resist.

And yet another troll post attempting to insult… an entire forum? Thumbs up, buddy, way to not waste your day.


I flex upon you, my beautiful Thunder Hammer

Correct, players are in no way guaranteed to ever get what they might want out of the weapon/crafting system regardless of whether or not they use the systems to increase their chances. Playing the game more and using resources just improves your odds, it doesn’t mean you will get what you want.


Just flexing.

Don’t feed the trolls.


Nooooo, let’s feed him, he is funny

Smartest decision tbh.


I mean, you are free to use what ever items you want.
But since you are trying to “flex”, here we go:

Blazing spirit on a sword with only base crit chance does not really do anything.

You chose to roll crit dmg on purgatus staff, which does most of its damage with soulblaze dot, which can not crit…
I can definitely smell shite.
At least crit chance is ok, both blessings are good and you can replace the crit damage perk.

Weakspot dmg on bully club?
I also smell shite.
Blessings are good, but you can’t get rid of the weakspot dmg.

If you want to flex, at least do it right. I know the RNG is bad, but if you open your own thread to flex your stuff, it better be close to perfect.

Why do crit dmg and weakspot dmg perks suck on basically every weapon?

This is why:

Just like in vermintide, +10% crit dmg as well as +10% weakspot dmg do not actually increase your dmg by 10%.

They increase only the additional damage that you dealt because it was a crit or a headshot by 10%.

Let’s say

  • you do 100 dmg on a regular hit
  • you do 150 dmg on a headshot (100 base + 50 headshot bonus)

Then the + 10% headshot dmg

  • will not grant you (1 + 0.1) x 150 → 15 extra damage (+10% damage on headshots).
  • will not grant you (1.5 + 0.1) x 100 → 10 extra damage (+6.6% damage on headshots).
  • will grant you 1 x 100 + (1 + 0.1) x 50 → 5 extra damage (+3.3% damage on headshots).

It is entirely about rng.
And i do not say this because i am unhappy with my own items.
I say this because it is simply true.

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Crap perks on the club, mediocre blessings once Thrust gets fixed.

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How’s that flexing?

A low first target force sword with blazing spirit locked in and no slaughterer?

A 73 defense with max mobility Mk1 bully club with weakspot damage locked in? AND unyielding?

And a purgatus with crit damage rolled?

That some crap flex.

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I don’t play psyker enough to know what sparkshank does what, but Ogryn I play mostly on.
You flex this:

Looks to me like you need some of the #breakthelocks there.


Is Thunderous still better than something like confident strike? If the game gets changes I would love to try out clubs, and I never saw people talking abouy Thunderous on them.

Come by the official Ogryn Discord - the pals love a discussion and will help you out with any such questions. In short:
Thunderous helps bypass the 3 target damage cap (kinda, in a way…) - it places the stacks even if you don’t damage the target. But how much that helps vs ConfStrikes is a matter of deep theorycraft, conjecture and anecdotal arguments…

A ConfStrikes/Thrust Mk1 is a solid build to handle anything and stay on top of your Toughness regardless of Feat choices. Thunderous/Thrust means you regen very little toughness outside of Lynchpin. You can get some ridiculous numbers with Thunder/Thrust - oneshotting Crushers etc.

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CS or Brutal Momentum with Haymaker is IMO the best go to for all rounding, Haymaker gives the best horde clear by a smidge, which is the Mk1 Club’s biggest weakness. BruMo/CS with Thrust gives big bonks without sacrificing your ability to keep toughness up.

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Let me flex too:

I got this here Opening Salvo 4 a few weeks ago. I’m so proud and it means a lot to me, since, as you can see, it’s the only T4 I could salvage in roughly 250h of play since the crafting patch.

On a weapon that’s got three variants and available to 3 characters. Each having a chance to get something from Melk/T5s. I play nearly exclusively T5s on my time and check the Melk shop every day. All characters are lvl30, too.

So, tell me, what gaming strategy could’ve been applied here? What skill should I polish?
Please, go ahead and tell me how the RNG is just fine and people are dumb, entitled, whiny, toxic and unskilled for hating it.
While you’re at it, do enlighten me and everyone else following this forum on how more RNG layers in 5/6 base scores, 2x perk rolls from a pool of roughly 10 possibilities, and up to three Mks per item are a satisfying, joyful and completely normal design decisions and I should be happy that there are locks on those items too.
Please, I’m listening…

While I’m waiting - here, more flexing:

Of the Tier 3 blessings, I’m still missing 3/10. One of which is Headhunter, which is perhaps BiS for the Kanties.
But I’m guessing that’s down to a skill issue, and not RNG.
Maybe I should’ve gotten that mod that camps the store? That might’ve helped, actually. Modding IS an important skill in DT, I agree…


I appreciate the invite, but besides coming on the forums occasionally or watching a video here or there I don’t plan to put much more investment into Darktide. If the state of the game changes I would gladly join and discuss stuff.