Hey this is bullsh1t

7 red executioners swords like come on dude, this has to be a bug, every red I get on Kruber is an executioners sword, blunderbuss, or trinket without fail. 42 reds now, like come on dude… I use 3.


I have gotten three red Repeating Handguns for Kruber since 1.1 dropped. That and one dupe trinket. That’s it. I know how you feel.

It would be nice if I could your luck on Xswords . . .

I haven’t gotten a weapon in gd forever. Non-stop accessories. This RNG makes me want to puke. Playing all day and getting nothing is disgusting. 350 hrs and I still don’t have a single character in all the gear I want them in -.-

if it makes you feel any better i have 400+ hours and don’t have a single hero that uses a red weapon

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That’s disgusting. I’m still in disbelief the contract board was basically the exact opposite of what everyone they said they wanted. Challenge side is nice but the quests are a kick in the junk.

It gets harder and harder to play this. RNG is an utterly garbage approach.

@Revy, how does it feel to be a living confirmation of Murphy’s law and of faultiness of current loot system at the same time?

Don’t get me wrong, I really feel sorry for you, but your example is the exact reason I don’t open chests since like forever, and I would have quit the game long time ago if I were you.


@Revy @BizarreSalp That’s why I advice opening chests for different character as soon as you hit 2-3 weapons. This advice won’t help @Avar with his jewelry of course.

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I don’t play the other classes anymore, ever since my friend discovered elf i’ve been on Kruber, his elf is like 30+197 and tbh the only other non-elf career in the game I even like is huntsman.

Good luck on getting your items then. There is nothing to advice in such situation.

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I know that, Im just kind of screeching over here because its absurd.


if FS would let me trade my blunderbuss’ and exe swords in for 1 red longbow I would be a happy camper.

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If i could trade you one of my extras i would. So far i have 3.

Damn, I felt really lucky when I managed to open 2 reds yesterday… unfortunately both of these drops were SnD. So now I have 3 SnDs in total, only with slightly different illusions… (SnD is the only red weapon I have btw).
Fealls really good man!

Thank you, Fatshark


Yea, my last 4 reds have been necklaces lol.

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I’ve got 5 red necklaces and 2 red Flamestorm staves so…yeah. :smiley:
A system that would at least CHECK and reduce the likeliness of duplicates would be neat, cheers!

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You’re right about opening on different characters; thing is, I don’t care much about reds, EXCEPT I want a red XSword. It’s literally the only one I care about. XD Others would be nice, but I’m not drooling over them.

Non-stop accessories, then yesterday morning suddenly get DD/Longbow and later at night DSwords for elf, I’m both lucky and unlucky enough to have gotten tons of accessories and no duplicate weapons, dunno what I’d do with 5 red dual-daggers

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