Your country, and YOUR favorite national dish

There you go, I wanna know which country are you all from and what’s your favorite dish that originates from that country. Please post some nice juicy pictures of that dish :smiley:

I’m from Serbia, and my favorite dish is “Karađorđeva šnicla”. Although it’s kinda modern dish and it does resemble chicken Kiev (there’s a background story about it for anybody who wants to read more), it is really a great and juicy dish.

Fun facts:

The dish is named after Karađorđe (Black George in English), a Serbian revolutionary who led the struggle for Serbia’s independence from the Ottoman Empire during the First Serbian Uprising

The dish is sometimes colloquially referred to as the maidens’ dream because of its phallic shape :eggplant: :grin:



I’m from Canada :canada:

I’m not sure if it is my favourite but Poutine is pretty good.


Quebec has some really good dishes :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m from Bermuda, a British colony in the Northern Caribbean. But I live in Sweden now. My favorite food from back home is black rum… well, we use it in nearly all our food :smile: I guess Bermuda Fish Chowder, made with black rum as well ofc.


As for my favorite Swedish food, I rather like Falukorv.


I’ve hinted at it before, but I’m from the overrepresented-in-the-Internet nation of Finland.

But as for the favourite national food… I can’t really say. I have hard time naming any really “national” foods that aren’t regional specialties, and what are national staples now aren’t in any way traditional. I also lack enough familiarity with other countries’ kitchens to actually recognise what would be a truly Finnish dish.

But as I’m sure you still want me to pick something, I’ll say makaronilaatikko. No pic for you, but it’s a casserole dish made from macaroni (or other pasta) and minced meat. Pretty easy to make (though I haven’t learned it myself) and often a kids’ favourite, at least of home-made foods.


I’m from Sweden. There are so many good swedish dishes to choose from but my favorite dish would be classic swedish pancakes!


UK Here.


Roast Beef is obviously our national dish, although my wife is currently lambasting me that Fish & Chips and a pint is a more iconic British thing.

My own personal favourite meal is a Chicken Curry, although being a chef I get quite fed up when you go to any British Indian Restaurant and get … Yoghurt, Tomatoes and Coconut with a bit of spice thrown in and they call it Tikka Masala. Mango Chicken Curry with the meat marinated properly beforehand and cooked in a clay oven is FANTASTIC and once you’ve had it you’d be disappointed with Tikka Masala too.

@Yzneftamz I tried googling the recipe for makaronilaatikko and almost every site said “This is not available in your country.” Talk about exclusive!


Italy here
the italian dish I like the most is pasta all’amatriciana

the regional one is spiedo alla bresciana (rolled slices of pork butt, bacon, spares ribs, lard rolled chicken tights, sage, potatos and birds ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) ) it’s cooked for 3 to 5 hours while spilling over it melted butter and salt. The only way to eat it without passing out in the next hours is with polenta and a strong red wine.

I don’t know if it’s dish, but my hobby is making different types of cured meat


Yea, I have to agree with your wife. I mean, nearly every single restaurant even in Bermuda does fish and chips. But, one thing I miss is a proper full English breakfast. No one does it right here, and Swedish blood pudding doesn’t have the correct taste.

:hungary: Hungary here. :hungary:

My all time favorite national dish is “Gulyás” (Goulash or Goulash soup in English). We do have a bunch of “national dishes” but this is the best one imo.

If you’re interested you can read more about Gulyás here.


These all look fantastic, and @SmokerT69 has a great point. Goulash in the UK is nothing like that, unless you happen to have Hungarian friends. I suppose what makes anything a National Dish is if it’s only done properly in the country of origin. Foreign hotel version of a Full English Breakfast are often horribly depressing.


Scotland (UK) here. First time googling images of this dish and I have come to realise that it is far from presentable, but dear lord does it taste good. Have to go with our national dish, haggis. Traditionally cooked in a sheep’s stomach, these days we just use sausage casing. Many people are put off by the contents of it but its great, just eat it.

Another personal favourite of mine, while not being in any way Scottish, is Carpaccio:


Haggis is amazing, had a few Scottish mates back home, we’d get together every year and one of them would hook up some haggis. We’d pour lots of Chivas Regal over it though, not sure if that’s a Scottish thing, or an “us” thing lol.

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UK here (England specifically).

Fish and chips. Salted with Vinegar. As Mrs. @Argonaut14 says, a cool beer to wash it down or if I am at home a G&T on ice.


@Fatshark_Hedge @Argonaut14
what is exactly fish & chips for an UK born? Cod? Small fishes? Other variations? I mean the traditional thing. The times I went in UK, I was there for work and spent my dinners in mc or other kind of fast food pubs :frowning: , never had the time to go for something real.

Cod or haddock from a fish and chip shop. Usually cod from a pub or restaurant.


Yea I’d say cod is probably the more common choice but my preference is haddock :slight_smile:

Oooh I forgot the pickled egg. Gotta have one of those bad boiz


Sorry to derail somewhat, but wow - adjusting to the change of climate from Bermuda to Sweden must have been a shock!


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American here.

I live in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota is an interesting place culturally since it has always been a hotspot for immigration - both due to our accepting nature and abundance of job opportunities. In fact it has the biggest Somali population in the world, outside of Somalia. We also have a large amount of Mexican and Hmong people, and various European nations, and more recently a growing Middle Eastern population. This influences a lot of our food choices, since most of these immigrants bring their national dishes with them. This is mostly concentrated in the cities (where I live).

However the more “traditional” Minnesota foods take a lot of influence from Scandinavian countries, since a lot of the Immigrants from generations past who moved into Northern Minnesota were Scandinavian. So the typical Minnesota dishes are thought of as lutefisk, blood sausage, etc. But as far as I know that’s more of a Northern Minnesota thing - the cities have so many different influences in our food that it’s impossible to name a “national dish” for Minnesota.

I personally eat a lot of stir fry (a bunch of vegetables and mixed together, pretty simple) since it’s so cheap and easy to make. During the summer you can go to a farmer’s market anywhere and get armfuls of produce for two hour’s pay. We also have a lot of Hmong farmers, so some of the produce tends to be from those parts of the world. Bok choy, daikon radishes, etc.

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