This afternoon

As an Englishman, I hope all you Swedish people have thoroughly rubbish afternoon full of disappointment.

Other than that, keep up the good work!


Just got back from town, tons of people in Swedish jerseys stumbling around drunk lol. 3 old drunk guys drove past me on those segway things with a beer in each hand trying to keep their balance xD

It looks like England has this though… Up by 2 at this point

So England won against a valiaznt oopponent, my Dad& had to go abd have some quiet time in the garden to compose himself sincewe havtn got this far for4 n years since 1990. I’;m sposed to have a meeting at wrk on Thursday so thats gone up the swanny river. No legnd runs for me tonight!


MY EYES! That webpage!

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Gl Enland. I hope our belgian team can crush your hopes and dreams :stuck_out_tongue: if you manage to get past Croatia. (and us past France of course)

Sounds like fightin’ talk!

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At least we get to take 3rd place from you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

I am much disappoint, such sad.

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