You should be able to gain Warp Charges through ANY kill that costs Peril

The Psykinetic skill tree in its current iteration is bad.

It’s bad for one main reason: Every possible build out of that tree runs on warp charges to some degree, but there is only one way to generate them at a high rate, which is spamming brain burst.

That pigeonholes the whole class into using brain burst as its primary weapon, and completely screws over force weapons that generate peril in other ways.

The answer to this is pretty simple: Make it so that any kill with an attack that cost peril gains you a warp charge. Cap it at one charge every 3 seconds so that wiping out a dozen horde enemies with a staff doesn’t instantly fill your bar, but just allow the Peril → Warp Charge pipeline to function through force swords and staves.

It would instantly make force weapon builds a lot better, instead of leaving them with a talent tree where half the tiers simply have nothing that helps them.

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