Psyker Talents / Iconics screw over Force Weapon builds

The Psykinetic is in my opinion a good class, even though it was scaled back a bit from how strong it was in the last closed beta. I do have some serious gripes with how this classes passive mechanics work however, because if you want to build a character around force weapons the talents really don’t support your play style, and instead push you toward a Brain Burst build.

The big culprit here is the warp charge mechanic. Since charges are primarily generated by brain burst every single talent that synergizes off warp charge also synergizes off brain burst. There is no combination of talents you can pick that works if you want to play in a way where the majority of your peril is generated from other sources.

Basically the Psyker tree doesn’t split up into distinct styles of play the way the Veteran tree does, instead it curves in on itself and creates a circular synergy around brain burst that doesn’t allow anything else that generates peril to work. If you’re using regular weapons you don’t have to sit on brain burst all day, but you can switch to brain burst whenever you need to.

Because charges are a class resource that you gain from spending peril through brain burst you get starved of that resource when you spend peril in other ways.

Let’s say you want to make a staff build that uses staff powers a lot. You would want to maximize peril management. How do you do that? Inner Tranquility, Psychic Communion, Mind in Motion, Warp Battery, Quicken? Your peril reduction requires charges, you’re only gaining them passively at a slow rate, and your class ability now consumes charges. The entire build comes apart because you’re not using brain burst as your main weapon.

Let’s say you want to make a force sword build that dives in and uses peril for blocking and pushing. What do you pick for that? Probably Psychic Communion again, because you have no other way of gaining charges. Kinetic Deflection is a no brainer here. Then what? Kinetic Overload would be great, because if you’re looking to get up close and personal setting enemies near you on fire would be amazing, but it runs on generating excess warp charges and you don’t generate a lot of them without brain bursting non stop. Kinetic Flayer? Well, that will generate an OK number of charges, but it will eat into your peril meter, and you can’t set things on fire with the charges anymore. Ascendant Blaze? In theory it would be really bad ass to wade into melee and burn everything around you, but you’re already generating charges at a low rate, so the last thing you need is for your ability to eat them all.

No matter what you want to build, it always comes back to the same issue: Unless you’re using brain burst as often as possible you don’t generate charges at a high enough rate to support other builds. All the ways to generate some charges passively without brain bursting are too slow to support talents that consume them or proc on gaining them.

Probably the simplest fix to this would be to change it so you gain warp charges on any kill with an attack that generated peril. Cap it to one charge every 2 seconds so that big staff explosions don’t fill the whole meter in one go. But then you could generate charges with your force sword special or push-stab, or by killing people with a force staff. Suddenly all of these builds that are getting crapped on by the overdependency on brain burst actually work.

Brain burst is still in a good spot, it’s a powerful anti elite tool and it has additional synergies. It doesn’t have to be in this weird place where it’s absolutely essential to spam it non-stop for any build to really work.


I want to play Psyker for AoE ranged damage with a staff, and yeah, this about sums it up.

The passive that gives you a 10% chance to vent 10% heat on kill helps slightly, but considering that with most staves you’ll be spending 50-60% warp heat in order to get the ten kills statistically needed to proc that on average, it’s not a huge help.

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Yea, it’s just not a well designed class right now.

By spending peril on anything other than brain burst you are actively starving yourself of charges, which power half of the talents you have, most specifically the talents that help you manage peril.

They just need to make it so spending peril through anything can generate charges, not just brain burst. It would instantly make force weapons useful and not just a noob trap.

Honestly I think they should instead make it so warp attacks generate charges instead of just brain burst. This way you’d still have to ramp up peril but actually using the class weapons doesn’t hamper your damage output. Either that or make it so building around charges is a choice with other more generalist talents.

I know they said they don’t want psyker to just be brain burst spam, but it feels like the entire class is built around playing that way.

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That would require a full redesign of the class. They might be able to make it even better that way, but honestly, an easy fix is more likely to happen, and I would rather have something simple quickly than still be here two years later complaining about how the Psykinetic class sabotages force weapons by making it so that one of its primary resources can only be generated by using your peril to burst things.

Upvoted, and I love your suggestion of generating Warp Charges on Warp Attacks rather than on Brain Burst. It sounds perfect to me. I wish Fatshark would try this out!

Considering there are already traits that proc things on ‘Warp attack’, I think it wouldn’t even be too difficult to implement this suggestion from a development perspective.

Really can’t express enough how good of an idea this is. Kudos!

I would consider making an entire thread dedicated to just this suggestion, honestly.


This is the thread dedicated to that suggestion. Maybe I was a bit too wordy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, the current over-reliance on brain burst for talents and the iconic really constrains the classes style and overall rhythm. Additional ways of warp charge generation would help a lot


Ha, maybe a bit. Perhaps add a TL;DR at the top with the suggestion :slight_smile:

Bumping up the post due to relevance.

The lack of melee / staff talents is huge. There is only one single talent (5 to 15% force weapon damage based on peril) that is really ment for force weapons.

Half of the talents and basically the most powerful and essential class passive (warp charges) revolve around brain bursting and especially killing enemies with it. Which is funny because brain bursting starts to struggle at Malice (3) and becomes extremely hard to land kills from there onwards.

Psyker needs more variety

  • more ways to generate warp charges using force weapons
  • more talent choices for melee based builds
  • more talent choices for regular gun based builds

In addition, shadowflame is an absolute joke at the current damage value. Shadowflame could definitely be a way to allow more use of regular guns but holy moly it needs a buff first.

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Staffs are not a noob trap, at high difficulties having the shock staff, for instance, is a godsend. You can stunlock almost any enemy with it.

In fact, the main balance issue with psyker is that BB becomes wearker on difficulty 4 and 5. The staffs never fall off in usefulness, but BB becomes twice as weak on difficulty 4 and beyond. This also has dire implications for your perks, because it takes twice as long to generate one warp charge if you’re focusing on specials/elites.

Yea, once you get further into the game you kind of realize that Brain Burst doesn’t hold up at all against the bullet sponge nightmare that is higher difficulties.

My post was very much based on what I saw in the closed beta and assumptions about how well brain burst would scale. Let’s be real here, if brain burst didn’t become damn near useless on high difficulties it would dominate the whole class with the way the Psykinetic currently works.

In my opinion BB should maintain its damage scaling through all difficulties, since it already has a pretty slow windup time. In higher difficulties you have more elites and specials which acts as its own difficulty scale for BB.

If they want to balance the psyker at high difficulties, leave the BB as it is and find other ways to tune the class.