I wish the Psyker had another way to generate warp charges

Having to generate / maintain warp charges throughout the game isn’t fun.

Also, the fact that brain bursting only generates on kills and not procs themselves is even more needlessly punishing.

Kinetic flayer isn’t reliable enough to use in an efficient manner, the concept is nice, but after I generate warp charges, I’m going to immediately begin crowd control and it will probably take two seconds to proc; so I’m getting two extra seconds of max warp charges.

Perhaps he could have a meditation ability that removes his toughness and makes him vulnerable that allows him to generate warp charges before a fight, instead of having to waste time brain bursting when theirs other abilities that would be far more effective to use.

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Psychic Communion - Whenever you or an ally in your coherency kills an enemy, you have a 4% chance of gaining a warp charge.

Kinetic Flayer - All attacks have a 10% chance on hit to Brain Burst the target. This cannot occur at critical Peril and has a cooldown of 15s.

Psykinetic’s Wrath - Expends all Warp Charges and applies Stacks of Soulblaze to Enemies Hit based on the number of Warp Charges expended. Enemies killed by your Soulblaze effects (from any source) have a 10% chance to grant you a Warp Charge.

Combine these three perks, and you should have a reliable way to get and recycle your warp charges. It isn’t PERFECT but, you’ll have your warpcharges up a lot of the time. Of course it also depends on what sort of staff you are using, I personally use the flamethrower staff.

I wouldn’t mind if there were weapon blessings that offered alternative ways of acquiring warpcharges.


How about not tying majority of our talents to an ability FS nerfed bc they didn’t want us to spam it?

How backwards is that? FS doesn’t want us to spam brainburst, but majority of our talents want us to spam brainburst.

If FS really wanted us to stop spamming BB they should have changed the talents to not require it to be spammed.


I don’t bother maintaining them, I just generate them by setting everything on soul fire and staying near teammates.

Between the 4% per kill, the 10% chance on hit to brain burst, and the 10% on kill from soulfire, you can generate them pretty readily. And if you’re desperate, a regular brain burst keeps up the stacks.


its called psychic communion its a feat

There are names for things, but I refuse to learn them. Anyone who considers a talent a “Feat” and an achievement a “Penance” has no naming system I care to learn.

When you say you want another way to get warp charges, you probably don’t even need warp charges.
By using psychic communion in horde or heresy/ damnation when infinity enemies spawn, there just no way to ran out warp charges.

When you play at low difficulty, you don’t need a single warp charge.

Im still baffled how despite Brain Burst being the most direct method of getting warp charges only has one perk to increase its effectiveness.

If you build into passively generating warp charges you never really need to use brain burst except to keep the stacks active between big fights.

@Tzcheese warp charges give such a small damage boost, they have never been interesting to me.

I really wanted to use the soulblaze build, but you need so many charges to get enough stacks of soulblaze for it to actually do anything unless you use flame staff with the build and even then you’re barely feeling the talents.

Wrack and ruin

Kinetic overload

Ascending blaze

These all sound like fun talents, but they can’t even kill a zombie.

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That’s more of a problem with soulblaze being terrible than brain burst though. it’s like bleed, you need so many stacks to actually make a dent that it’s usually more productive to just pack a high-damage weapon and kill things.

I would welcome a mechanics similar to how the WPOS generates his fury with few changes, f.e. killing enemies with X (replace X by soulblaze, headshots, melee, etc.) gives more charge. Once the bar is full, you have a warp change to spent.

Psykers work best on higher difficulties if you reserve brain burst for occasional sniper, staggering some ogryns (bulwarks, crushers and so on) or to latch onto special running out of the field of view. Otherwise just stick to the staff and go for talents generating warp charges “automatically”.

You cannot even one-shot berserkers or pox hounds with it. In many cases, that skill is not worth the risk and time you need to invest in it in a pinch.

I usually have max stacks and rarely have to use my BB gun, unless a sniper is being pesky, or a hound is showing us their best tony hawk impression.

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