Warp charges

I feel the patch yesterday fixed most of psyker’s problems, but the one issue that remains is with warp charges requiring you to spam brain burst in a world where you want people to stop spamming brain burst.

I really want to use staves and the force sword, but if I don’t use all peril bar to spam brain burst, I won’t be able to make use of many psyker talents.


Definitely. You should get warp charges from any warp kill. Feels very oddly balanced atm.


Or at least from force sword charge attack, it literally pops heads

Maybe gain force charges when killing an elite or special with a warp attack and by using brain burst on any target?

Warp charges on any warp weapon kill would instantly make most staves overpowered, just think of a wave of zombies with a aoe staff.

This way brain bursts long duration still has value against trash, and its still really good against scary ranged specials like snipers and heavy gunners bc you don’t need line of sight.

My only point is that Fatshark wants to avoid brain burst spam, but brain burst is the only way to use warp charge talents.

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Hard Agree. It’s kind of a chore to keep up the charges. Maybe if they just decayed one at a time it wouldn’t be so bad (Like going from 4 → 3 after 25 seconds instead of the whole stack vanishing, they could lower the expiration time to 15 seconds if that was the case perhaps). I really do want to use some of the other warp attack options but as it stands I’m wedded to a Dueling sword and Lasgun for the reasons you outlined.


I just dipped into it a little bit but from what I recall about the talents it seemed like there were alternate ways to get warp charges (psychic communion, kinetic flayer possibly) which may make warp weapons a viable way to build charges. Seems like there is a pretty laid out BB build vs warp weapon build in the feats at first glance but I wasn’t high enough level to really test.

Yea, i use force sword and a lasgun bc the sword has a lot of answers to desperate situations(special atk saves me a lot when grabby elites get past my ogryn.)

Bc of the warp charges requiring brain burst I actively avoid using the force sword’s push and use my lasgun when a horde gets really thick instead of my sword bc pushing will get me killed.

How funny is that? I use my gun on zombie trash bc my sword is gonna make me overheat if I push the wave back.

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They are, Psycher is forced to just stop whatever they are doing to brain burst to maintain stacks. A hedious mechanic which makes Force weapons an actual penalty to the game.

The biggest problem is that auto-lock on the cast doesnt prioretse elites and sometimes in swarms is very hard to lock on rager as he lowers his head when running unlike other specials. A problem veteran doesnt have with his aiming