Psyker is hot garbage on higher difficulties: suggestions

All its feat problems aside… It cannot handle specials. Dogs, mutants, flamers, they all take more than one brain burst on difficulty FOUR.

In its current state it’s rather ineffective on higher difficulties.

My suggestions: Have warp charges increase damage by 5%.

Brain burst no longer gives warp charges. It instead consumes a warp charge to double-ish its damage. Whatever multiplier is enough to one-shot any specials but mutants and the big bois.

10% chance to gain a warp charge when attacking with force staves/swords, 50% chance on kill with either. This will also apply to damage dealt via burning. Please note that this should also come with changes that make warp staves and swords easier to acquire early on. My suggestion is to ONLY allow psyker to use staves and thusly not have their shops and whatnot clogged with guns, but ymmv

Feat tier 1: eh

Feat tier 2:

Psykinetic’s wrath: This one’s terrible. Replace it with one that increases melee attack speed by 2.5% per warp charge and melee attack damage by an additional 3% per warp charge

Inner Tranquility: This one is good, but move it to a later tier and instead replace it with a feat that increases cast speed by 5% per warp charge.

Wrack and ruin: The soulblaze effect needs a significantly larger radius, especially if it is going to be restricted to only elite kills.

Feat tier 3:

psychic Communion: It’s unneeded with the changes to warp charges proposed above. Instead, put the peril resist per warp charge feat here.

Feat Tier 5:

Kinetic Overload: Fine in theory, but what is the range on this?

Kinetic Flayer: hot garbage. Who in their right mind would take this trash? Great, I just popped a brain burst on a poxwalker. Fantastic. Perhaps something along the lines of an additional 2.5% movement speed per warp charge? Since this is in the same tier as the 6 charge feat, this speed would cap out at 10% instead of 15%.

Feat tier 6:

Quicken: Have it also cause damage taken to go into peril. Like unchained sienna, 50% damage reduction at the cost of increasing peril with every hit taken.

Ascendant Blaze: Since the warp charge stuff was drastically changed, this needs to be changed a bit. Keep the same burning effect, but have it also add burning effects to the force sword. Specifically, 2 stacks to its push attack, and 4 stacks to its special attack.

Kinetic Barrage: For 10 seconds after using your career skill, BB gets the effect of consuming warp charges without actually consuming any.

And can we have a few more force melee weapons with different attack patterns? Please and thank you.


Instead of removing guns, guns should deal additional warp damage and increase peril. Doesnt work at critical peril.

Telekinetically enhancing bullets and giving you warp charges on kill. They could kill off some of the bad feats and add in the psychic gunman playstyle.

I also like the idea of the cast time being tied to the hp of the target. Damage grows as you channel and it goes off after a threshold is met. Pop early if you just need to stun an enemy. Opening up a bulwark immediately for example.

Without warp charges its more of a stun with ok damage. With warp charges it deletes.

I also like the idea of the cast time being tied to the hp of the target. Damage grows as you channel and it goes off after a threshold is met. Pop early if you just need to stun.