Psyker Changes Suggestions

Kinetic Deflection
Have this become a passive psyker skill instead and it deflects ranged attack, because it’s hard enough as it is to find a good Force Sword with the Deflector blessing on it, too much shop RNG, I see Laz guns 80% of the time in the shop and the occasional Force Sword/Staff. Have the Kinetic Deflection feat enhance the amount of block and peril resistance to the Kinetic Deflection passive.

Warp Charges
Have your warp charges last longer and lose stacks in sequential order instead of all at once. (4>3>2>1>0 stacks). Theres downtime during maps such as elevators or scripted sequences which makes gaining all the warp charges and losing them not very fun. At least make the charges last like 45 seconds or so.

Psykinetic Wrath (ultimate/signature ability)
I feel like this could use a rework, the knockback is fine, maybe have it do an AOE explosion when activated and have damage scaled on the number of Warp Charges you currently have when using Psykinetic Wrath.

Brain Burst
Brain Burst is simply lacking on the higher difficulties of the game and needs to be scaled up, it needs to be buffed. Charging your Brain Burst just to stagger a Crusher/Mauler and not kill it just feels so unrewarding considering the peril cost/time and it’s the Psyker’s signature move.
Reducing Brain Burst cast time by like 1 to 1.5 seconds would even feel better to use.

Would be way too strong and killing all purpose range-units have in the game. Such a perk have its existence on weapons balanced around it, but not on a class as passiv when you´re able to take every weapon with you. We won´t even need shields on Ogryn then so…

Agree. Either warpcharges should be last like 40s OR should go down one by one withing 15-20s. I actually don´t mind losing them, but this would atleast be some comfort-feature especially for the ultimates where you lose them.

Any damage from Psyker scales with the warpcharges anyway, but to add something like this on a cc ultimate is not needed unless it´s behind a feat like soulblaze or cdr.
But in their current form all 3 options are fine based on your build, so you might just pick “Ascendent Blaze” and there you´ve your damage.

No. BB has a clear design intend and its not like it´s missing to scale up, it´s just an issue it doesn´t scale down and leave poeple in the imagination that they can still oneshot Rager / Mauler and Co. on heresy and damnation.
BB is made to get ride of the range-units aka gunner and sniper. On top you´re able to oneshot a trapper and that´s fine as it is.
It would be too strong especially with the ultimate feat, so you just cc a pack of ragers and then kill them easily. Not any “grenade-ability” is that strong and shouldn´t be. The purpose is there and that´s fine since gunners / snipers have no real drawbacks and can turn a run into nightmare without a decent Psyker or Vet. Let Zealot and Ogryn deal with the melee elites if needed.

Point me to the other grenade abilities that are tied to all of the core elements of the class, and have half the talent tree dedicated to it directly or indirectly. I’ll wait.