Experienced Player's Psykinetic Rework

  • CORE
    • Main Ability (F)
      • Psykinetic’s Wrath is a duplicate name and is used for your main ability and your Tier 2A perk. It fits the perk better so rename the main ability to something else.
      • Add more stagger on the ability against horde level enemies (groaners and poxwalkers)
    • Brain Burst
      • Grants Warp charge on kill and at any point if the target is killed during the charge not just if at the hand clenching stage. Should not be too abusable as setting it up to save a little peril would not generally be worth the trouble. This is mainly just a QoL change to help maintain stacks and utilize perks based on warp charges when in uncoordinated or veteran heavy groups
    • Kinetic Presence
      • Swap with Psykinetic’s Aura perk (3B). Cooldown reduction for a team makes more sense then just an elite damage buff. More flavourful too.
    • Warp Siphon
      • Lower Warp charge duration from 25s to 15s. But charges fall off 1 at a time.
      • Increase damage percentage gain to 5% per stack
      • Lower Stack limit to 3
    • Battle Meditation
      • Killing an enemy by any means stops warp charges from decaying for 2 seconds
    • Tier 1
      • Essence Harvest: It’s fine
      • Warp Absorption: change to the 1C ability “Replenish 5% toughness for every 10% of peril quelled”. Fits the name much better
      • Quietude: Gain 5% toughness per second when at 0% peril. Has a solid and controlled amount per second but effectively disables your special abilities. Would open up perilless build opportunities.
    • Tier 2
      • Psykinetic’s Wrath: Very niche. Change so that it’s 5-15% melee damage and 5-15% force weapon damage. All melee improves a bit and increases that force sword buff to be more noticeable.
      • Inner Tranquility: It’s Fine
      • Wrack and Ruin: Because of the way soulblaze works, low stacks are worthless. Change to “Applying soulblaze has a 20% chance per warp charge to apply an additional stack of soulblaze”. Would enable and be QoL for other talents, blessings, and perks.
    • Tier 3
      • Psychic Communion: It’s probably fine. Maybe buff it to 5% for a little more consistency.
      • Psykinetic’s Aura: swapped to the base aura. Change to increase elite damage by 3% per warp charge (allies in coherency)
      • Cerebral Lacerations: Instead of just non warp attacks it increases all damage by 15%.
    • Tier 4
      • Kinetic Deflection: It’s Fine
      • Kinetic Shield: It’s Fine
      • Mind in Motion: 25% Quell Speed Bonus added to the move speed not being reduced while quelling
    • Tier 5
      • Warp Battery: Lowered to 5 stacks with the other changes (still +2)
      • Kinetic Overload: Untargeted Brainburst (right click) is now instant cast and deals double damage but instantly overloads you (causes you to die unless you use F ability). Additionally doubles Perils of the warp explosion damage and radius. (Wound stacking BABYYYY)
      • Kinetic Flayer: Increase chance to 100% but increase cooldown to 25 seconds
    • Tier 6
      • All good and balanced. I like them all.
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This should be Base Kit. Love it

This is too strong

  • Cerebral Lacerations: Instead of just non warp attacks it increases all damage by 15%.

It it needs to retain its warp requirement bc it otherwise is clearly the best option in the talent tier.

experienced player

Grants Warp charge on kill and at any point if the target is killed during the charge not just if at the hand clenching stage.

“Yeah, guys, I’m experienced, so I’m totally okay with advising a change that will allow you to generate about 5-10 warp charges per second as your team kills trash mobs and you hold LMB”

Unclear what you mean. The only thing Cerebral Lacerations doesn’t work with currently is the staves. It works on force sword and brainburst already. I’ve never heard anyone say it’s op or mandatory before now so I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be if it also included the staves. My thoughts at least

Fair enough. But 5-10 warp charges per second loses value when the cap would be 3-5. I removed the soulblaze on warp charge gain and the toughness regen is per second. It would enable 6a and 6b a little more but in this system you would already have max charges most of the time and would be locked down by your F cooldown not warp charges.

So? Still you basically trivialized all the warp charge-related mechanic by saying “Oh, you need warp charges? Hold LMB in the direction of your teammates killing mobs for a second, and you’ll get them”.

Speaking of absolutely enormous and grandiose reworks to make psyker better, I can give you my (very enormous and grandiose, mind it) version:

  • Make brain burst scale in some way;
  • Change its targeting so it’ll prefer specialists and elites;
  • ???
  • Psyker is great (again?).

I can’t help but notice that your initial post is very concerned about the Warp Charge mechanic, but I see no mention of it in your (Very Enormous) suggestion?

Is it somewhere in the the genius bullet point of “???” and I missed it?

How exactly did you arrive at that conclusion? I find absolutely nothing wrong with warp charges as they are implemented right now, and as such there’s no reason to suggest changes to them. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.