Here's my take on Psyker

After playing another match of walking simulator with 3 veterans(because they killed everything without efford before I could get a single brain burst charged even halfway.) I had some thoughts…

Brain Burst

  • Make it instant cast with a cooldown thats the same as the current charge time is, hold down button to “hold” the spell for aiming.
  • Make it target elites, specialists etc first and ignore all other lesser targets unless there are no other things to target.
  • Make it one hit kill any human sized enemy on any difficulty, 2-4 for the bigger ones and normal damage for bosses. Either that or make it more spammable otherwise its useless.

Warp Siphon

  • Add a 10% chance to gain a warp charge on kill by any warp damage.

Battle Meditation

  • Merge Mind in Motion with Battle Meditation. It shouldn’t be a perk to move at normal speed while quelling.

Wrack and Ruin

  • Make it trigger on any kill with brain burst, 4 stacks and 7-10 meter range.

Psychic Communion

  • Increase it to 10%

Kinetic Overload

  • Increase to 6 stacks and all nearby enemies

Kinetic Flayer

  • Reduce cooldown to 5 seconds. 15 seconds is an eternity especially in a fast paced horde killing game.

Also I think psykers should get a little rework. Why are spells tied to staffs? Aren’t force weapons supposed to amplify warp powers and not be the thing that the power is tied to?
Psyker should get 3 additional equipment slots that are exclusively for spells so a player can cycle through them during combat like switching weapons. One hand holding the force weapon, the other hand for spell casting.

Soulblaze needs improvements too, big ones. Its practically useless, takes too long to kill, too long to apply stacks etc. Its a damage over time in a game where things die in seconds. It needs to deal more damage way faster, possibly also % based to make it usable in higher difficulties.
The fire staff attacks should also count as soulblaze damage for synergy with the traits.

Thats just my opinion on stuff so far.