Feedback on Psyker after 60+ hrs

Psyker feels like the most exciting class among all others because of the supernatural abilities and cool looks. But right now gameplay mechanics on Psykers are underwhelming and poorly balanced for higher difficulties (heresy and damnation). And here is the list of current problems from my point of view.

  • Brain burst, our signature ability that takes time to aim, charge and recharge, makes you lose most of your mobility and hinders your vision with VFX, cannot properly stagger or deal enough damage to be effective compared to ranged weapons.
  • Ultimate ability does no damage whatsoever and only slightly pushes most dangerous enemies and doesn’t even set peril to 0.
  • Some feats are too weak to be used in any build and cannot compete with other feats in their category.
  • Soulblaze is almost useless because of hard it is to stack it up on enemies.

Here are some ideas on how to fix it:

  1. Brain burst charge time and peril should scale depending on enemy type. If you focus basic enemies, it should be almost instant and very cheap to use. Medium for specialists and standart for elites and bosses/monstrocities.
  2. Brain burst damage should one shot all human sized enemies (except for maulers) and hounds on any difficulty.
  3. You should be able to move with normal speed while quelling by default. Current Mind in Motion Feat should instead make it possible to quell while sprinting.
  4. Ultimate ability should apply the hardest crowd control effect on any enemy except for ogryn-type enemies and bosses/monstrocities.
  5. Wrack and Ruin Feat should have larger radius and apply 4 stacks instead of 2. Kinetic Overload should have a larger radius. Kinetic Flayer should instead have a % chance on hit to create a small explosion that would add 1 stack of soulblze to everyone around the target with a small cooldown of like 3-4 seconds per activation.