On Psyker Gameplay

Psyker feels…pointless to play. Brain burst is neat, but with how long it takes to charge, and how much peril it builds, using it as an actual warp focused build is also not the best.
My suggestion is - Make weapons that burst the brain (Staff headshots, force sword charge kills, anything that bursts the brain) should trigger the brain burst effects. This will make synergy very, very fun I do believe.
I think that brain burst should be sped up slightly and the peril gain be somewhat less, perhaps 90% for 3 brain pops or, perhaps, have it scale proportional to the enemy health. Charges fast on weak enemies, charges slow on high health enemies, and the warp gain be proportional too. This way it will be usable during hordes and not feel remarkably unsatisfying.

Thanks for reading, the game is amazing so far, but I do have qualms.


I always play the wizard-type character in most games, and I’m a huge fan of Psykers in 40k (I play Thousand Sons on the tabletop and I’ve read all of their books). I was really excited about the possibility of playing a Psyker in a first-person 40k game. In the closed beta, I thought they were a little too focused on Brain Burst and elite-killing, but once I got the staff I felt like the class was fine.

Now I’m just depressed and considering switching to Ogryn so that I can play my character without feeling like I’m constantly being punished for trying to do so.

100% this. Especially with perks that require warp charge or increase it. It’s very time consuming and sometimes suicidal to have to stop what your doing to brain burst an enemy, especially since a horde won’t give you time to do so. And if I can’t push with a force sword anymore without building peril, then it’s special absolutely should count as a brain burst, because thats what I thought it was to begin with when looking at how the enemy died

I agree completely that the brain burst is way too slow. I feel like it needs to be half or a third of the current time. The peril already prevents overuse.

Maybe if I’m playing with friends and can communicate with them to guard me a bit but in a public group, people are taking off all the time so it’s me trying to wait for a brain burst will getting overrun most of the time. The one-time use RB ability to knock down advancing hordes is not enough. Maybe if RB had at least 3 charges it would help a bit with constantly being overrun.

You gotta ride the edge of madness if you want to brain burst non stop. I haven’t unlocked the staff yet but for what it seems the peril has a hard cap and a soft cap just like in the previous beta.

The soft cap is 100% and the hard cap is 135%. If you start casting while at the soft cap, you die. If you hit the hard cap, you die. Quelling always gets the benefit of immediately starting from 100% no matter your “overcharge”.

So… if you start holding left click while under 90% peril (meter says 89% or less) you will not kill yourself. If you gotta burst a lot, abuse it to hell. Quell only 11% and repeat. The brain burst does normally a total of 45% peril but if you ride the edge you only need to quel 11%!!!

Note that you can do it while the meter is at 90% but the actual peril value seems to be a float value and the meter is rounding to nearest integer so at 90% it’s rolling the dice.

Your most damaging single target combo from zero to hero is 3 bursts into ability (will prevent your head from exploding) into a fourth, quell to 89 and start the infinite loop.

The thing that needs a buff is the right click. You generate so much peril while holding it that it’s not really worth it.

But on another note, only burst elites, specials and bosses. Ranged can be done if they are about to run to a cover or are hard to get. Your weapon will dispatch the rest more quickly.

It doesn’t matter though that there is a soft and a hard cap, as you reach the hard cap with three consecutive charges anyway. Literally the only scenario where that is usefull is if I seriously mismanage my peril or have no clue if I can get the burst of whatsoever. BB damage not scaling with difficulty while the peril cost is so unreasonalby high makes the ability an unreliable gimmick at best and hence devalidates the class’s identity entirely.