Psyker rework idea

Hello there,
we all know the whole Psyker - Brain-Burst-thing is kind of messed up atm. Heres a little idea how it could be changed to become a usefull mechanic.

  1. Brain Burst gets charges. Let’s say 2 charges by default and the cast time gets lowered to like 0.1 seconds, so you can pop two BB’s when needed. And you get a talent that can raise it to 3.

  2. Those charges are regained by generating peril. I.E. you get one charge back for each 50% peril generated

  3. Damage of BB gets raised by ~50%

  4. Talents like Wrack and Ruin and Kinetic Overload could get their range/amount of targets increased a bit

  5. and ofc raise the warp charge duration

with these tweaks you can pop some brains fast when needed, set some enemies on fire and suddenly feel usefull

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I definitely think this is a good direction. The issues is… What do non-staff Psykers do? They don’t have many ways to use peril unless we get a less situational Force Sword in the future.

Well maybe when no charges left, its the old long cast and peril generation

But tbh gun psykers are weird anyway so who cares

I’d rather remove brain burst as the class mechanic completely. Instead psykers should have a “Grimoire” or “Spellbook” class mechanic. All the spells currently tied to staffs are put in the spellbook and can be “equipped” at will and your force weapon determines how they work. Brain burst is then added to the spellbook as one of these spells.

Force Sword = faster charge/cast times, lower damage and lower peril
Force Staff = slower charge/cast times, higher damage and higher peril
Press G = Sheathe weapon to use both hands, super charge currently equipped spell for massive damage but massive peril

But then make psykers limited to only being able to have force weapons. Psyker powers shouldn’t be tied to force weapons, they’re just tools to amplify and channel the psykers powers.

Nah stuff like this would be so far off, its more like something for another psyker class

Regardless to start with guns need to be out the psykers shop and they need 2 or 3 more staff options then we can start talking about them reworking the class. Going on day 2 with only 1 gray staff in store. Sure our class is kinda busted when compared to the others but if we actually had a store that gave viable option for a loadout and had more than just 2 or maybe 3 usable staffs. Just think