Psyker balance feedback. (93h darktide - most of which as Psyker, 305h vermintide 2 - most of which as Senna)

Warp charges are an unrewarding chore, I suggest they become easier to generate but are also used up for all sorts of things. - This could make for 2 different builds the easier “passive bonus through all charges up build” and a more skill intensive “use charges for different skills/attacks build”.

  • Brain burst could deal extra damage when charges are available.
  • Ultimate could have all sorts of bonuses for charges being up (lvl 30 feats already point in this direction, but they’re mostly lackluster).
  • Staves fully charged could use warp charges.
  • Force Sword could use warp charges (and generate them through kills).

Peril is INCREDIBLY inconsistent in the beta so far. 100% peril means completely different things based on what you used to get there, you can do a full brain burst at 90% peril (landing you at about 120%) without dying, but getting just 0,1 seconds of 100 peril with a surge or trauma force staff instantly downs you.

  • The force sword needs more variants for single target / aoe focus.
  • The force swords push follow up stagger is so close range that you can hit 1 target at most by kissing them on the lips. It needs to be recalibrated to have slightly more aoe, the current version is unusable even against single enemies.

Soul Blaze stacking is an interesting theme but so many talents around it just don’t function well enough:

  • 3 soul blaze targets in a 3m radius around an elite/special killed by brainburst is too little aoe and too bound to brain burst, an ability that basically stops functioning at heresy+.
  • a single stack of soul blaze doesn’t do enough, increase the base damage please.
  • all feats that refer to enemies dying from soul blaze should instead refer to enemies dying while suffering from soul blaze, soul blaze is not how you last hit things effectively.

The trauma staff NEEDS to be rebalanced:

  • Make there be a smaller central radius for damage, and a wider radius for stagger only (maybe some damage). Have the staff focus on wide aoe stagger with heavy central damage for taking out high threat targets (also stagger them ofc).

The Surge staff is great fun until you find out you need to be able to throw your staff accurately at the target IRL for them to be in range in the game.

  • please buff the surge staff range or at least, have each target be a new radius for new targets to be found (chain lightning yay!)

The Voidstrike staff and Purge Staff are great, but

  • the voidstrike’s left click basically doesn’t exist - would be best if it didn’t also shoot a projectile that is just way worse than its rightclick counterpart.
  • As for the purge staff - its vision limiting side effect is a bit over the top, possibility to make it more see-through ?

Ranged and melee options for psyker:

  • Need to be reduced (I’m serious).
    The shop barely grants any interesting items because it’s filled with guns and swords and axes you should never pick up as the psyker. Lots of them are okay, but some just leave you with ??? in your mind why they even show up in your shop. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Psykers (Telekinist) weapon pool feels like 10% weapons of interest and 90% stuff that you will never touch again after trying once.

Last but absolutely not least - the brain burst ability, oh dear:

  • If a teammate kills an enemy I’m targeting, that needs to be a good thing - not a bad thing. Part of brain bursts ability is CC, maybe refocus the ability entirely around that being the main thing. instantly CCing a single target so your team can mob it up.
  • the right click is way too expensive to use, once fully charged it needs to cost way less peril to support until you find your target.
  • the damage/enemy hp breakpoints on heresy+ make this ability near worthless there, easy fix would be to just increase its damage, more advanced fix would be to revolve it around USING warp charges, not just granting it. (uses all your warp charges as necessary for 200 damage each or something)
  • quelling speed should match your staves quelling speed (same for force sword).
  • targeting through rails etc. needs to be a thing, if I can shoot it with a gun I should be able to target it with a brainburst, targeting through walls could be a thing for MARKED enemies even.

That’s all for now, hope this finds the right ears :slight_smile:


i would love it if the Psi-sword would grand a stack of Warp charge on its special use, that would maybe end up being the only choice weapon make it that it adds more peril on push and special but add an effect where instead of exploding you’d remove all warpcharges and lock yourself out for a period where you can’t generate any.