Overall Suggestions, Improvements, and Concerns

I played a… “healthy” amount of V1 and V2, and was super excited to see Darktide. It’s been pretty fun and I’ve enjoyed a lot of the new stuff, but there’s been some oddities I’ve noticed.

Psyker: Force Sword nerf was the worst decision. It’s now just like any other weapon and lost a large part of its uniqueness (all of its uniqueness). Peril gain as a cost to the amazing push range was GLORIOUS, and it was never an issue. That should come back, it’d bring back some of the unique fun of Psyker. Surge Force Staff is just CC but it doesn’t seem to really hit too many, which is disappointed. Trauma Force Staff sadly has limited range so I can’t hit a cluster far away like I can with a Voidstrike.

Brain Burst is pretty cool but the speed of that channel is rough for only getting a couple uses out of it. Perhaps Warp Charge can increase the speed of its channel, if not just outright making it faster. It takes like 2 to kill a mutant (depending), and the odds of getting hit by that mutant is really high due to that slow speed. Warp Charges should decay 1 by 1 more slowly. A final thing is selecting who you want to Brain Burst is messy. Hitting some random mob as opposed to a Sniper doesn’t feel the best.

I’ve not hit max, so I’m not sure what all features I’m missing, but receiving boxes each mission was really nice for Vermintide since it encouraged grabbing Tomes and Grimoires. OCCASIONALLY receiving one item, and seeing it’s a lame basic? Is this going to be adjusted upon release at all? Even at a higher level, receiving a basic as an end-match reward is such a disappointment.

Obviously we have 4 classes with a designated Subclass, but what happens when we get the other Subclasses? In Vermintide 2 we could swap between the various subclasses freely, so I’m hoping that’s the same for Darktide so we don’t have the level up an additional version of a class from 1 to 30.