Fatshark, not content with nerfing the psyker decides to nerf the actual players

Ok guys im trying to remain civil here, but i feel like i speak for a good portion of the psyker/base when i say: literally wtf

I dont even know where to begin.

This class is lagging behind the others in every meaningful mechanic/way. So you guys decide to make the surge staff VFX so nausea inducing that people can barely get through a map without nearly falling into epileptic spasms.




I’m not sure if fatshark really likes us at this point. We took such heavy nerfs and already struggle to do what other classes do better. Old brainburst gave us a place in the group now its useless when you have veterans who just delete specials that you are bursting. Then you have the zealot with the flame thrower who is better a killing hordes than the purgatus staff. We are in a really rough spot and then they hit us with this. I mean what are we to think at this point?


Just like in the grim darkness of 40k psyker is hunted, hated, persecuted without reason…


“Hi guys this is FatShark and we developed a really nice and all rounded character but since we can’t make things right as far as you’ve known us we will just keep nerfing it up or adding malus since the funniest class in the game must be tore apart. You know, we must take care of your hatred, fueling it constantly with the worst ideas possible ever.”

Over and out.

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lol my friend straight up almost uninstalled the game bc of the stealth nerfs to psyker.
shes giving it a few more runs to see if it is worth keeping it installed.

Genuinely have to park my psyker character until this is changed. Could not even get through one full batch enjoy a headache. I could use another weapon but then… Why play a class when the visuals, not even the gameplay, dictates what weapons I can or can’t play with comfortably

I got a headache after playing with the new surge staff vfx but i have a sensitivity to bright lights. I really hope fatshark is paying attention to this because they could cause some real damage to someone with epilepsy. God forbid someone has a seizure because of the new vfx but i could totally see it happening because its like a strobe light jammed in your face the whole run. I had to take a break after one run using the staff and go rest my eyes.

With this patch Fatshark has shown they are not just careless but incompetent. It has been quite awhile since I allowed myself to be swindled into taking part in such a shameful release.

Sad to see Fatshark take this route. I hope they make the money they need from this. The community wont be opening our wallets like this again.


Couldn’t agree more. The nerfs wouldn’t even make me as mad as they do if they hadn’t made my favorite weapon into a seizure- and headache-inducing useless mess. I feel like these VFX were designed by someone who thought it looked super cool in a two-second GIF but gave absolutely no thought to how quickly it would become nauseating in an actual game. Surge Staff is basically unusable at this point. Playing with it now, it’s like I’m watching a remake of The Blair Witch Project, only it was filmed out of focus at a rave where the strobe lights were ambulances. I can’t even get halfway into a mission before I need to look away from the screen, it’s that agonizing.

Psyker was the class I played throughout the beta and it was my first lvl 30.

My first disappointment was finding out the soulblaze talents are useless. I wanted to run a psyker with force sword and lasgun and rely on the talents to have fun abilities that feel like psychic wrath(I did not want to exclusively use staves)

My 2nd was finding out that brainburst does not scale.

My 3rd was finding out how many weapons we have that don’t interact with our class identity at all.

Why do we have revolver? The revolver’s role is covered by our brain burst.

Why do we have the autopistol?

Laspistol I can forgive because they tried to make it flavorful with the class by adding a psychic push, but it is a single target, low magazine ranged weapon so it overlaps with brain burst.

Beta psyker had the shotgun, I don’t know why they removed it, it covered our aoe damage while brain burst covered single target. Now our aoe options are just staves or recon lasgun.

Why do we have the axes, tactical axes, daggers, chainsword, and catachan swords?

I would have been okay with keeping 1 or 2 options and the dueling sword as our non-force weapons, but we should have more than 1 melee weapon that says psychic warrior.

Psyker needs a lot, some talents need a buff, some are just a terrible idea, and majority of our weapon options(yes majority) do not interact with the class in a meaningful way due to our class mechanics and talents.

We need lots of buffs(brainburst and soulblaze scaling being the biggest offenders)

More warp related weapons and less mundane weapons, OR new talents that make mundane weapons different compared to their use in another class.

And would it be hard to ask for our staffs to have a different left click from each other? Vermintide staffs had different left clicks, some were fireballs, some were full auto bolts, one was a short flame blast, another was a shotgun.

Yeah, variety is fun.


This, I feel like they asked themselves the wrong questions when picking weapons for the psyker.
Instead of asking “which ones complement the class by filling in the gaps of the kit?” they asked: “which weapons fit the role of the single target specialist killer we want this class to be?”
The shotgun was a great option in the beta, good for getting rid of groups that got too close, have the same CC function that most of the staffs have, no idea why they decided to remove it.
As for melee options…my god.
The only feats that have any effect on melee weapons all only apply to a single one…because it’s the only one the class has, the force sword.
All the others are just a handicap in the psykers hands.
You know how in VT2 you could build kerillians signature skill to either do high single target damage or fire even more arrows for horde control, and she had melee options that directly complemented that? THAT’S the kind of gameplay that is completely missing from DT, the classes are somehow shoehorned into particular roles and cannot do anything else.
The Psyker needs single target sniping staffs like the beam staff from VT2, and then CC cleave melee options to complement it, like a 2H force sword.


I honestly don’t know, but it seems pretty counter-intuitive to put an epilepsy inducing flash on ANY weapon in a game you want people to play.

I was on a mission with a Psyker as an Ogryn, and it was a dark map. The flashing had ME blinking in disbelief. I had heard it was bad, but it was making my entire screen flash like an intense strobe, and it was on someone ELSE’S weapon. I can’t imagine why they would make this change, which feels like something they would have patched out during the ‘beta’, AFTER the game goes to full release and already had a functional light effect.

It’s like someone said, ‘Oh… you don’t like the psyker the way it is? Here, let me ‘fix’ that for you, he he he…’ and broke it intentionally. And considering someone could suffer a medical condition from it, someone needs to me moved to ‘hot coffee and donut fetching duty’ for a few months because of it, and given a break from any more graphical decisions at the LEAST.

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In regard to this:
There is a force staff blessing which increases crit chance based on current peril.
There is also a blessing for force staffs, which applies soulblaze to enemies on crit.

Seems like a nice combination, but the “soulblaze on crit” blessing only appears on the two staffs which attack slowly and hit hard (trauma and voidstrike).
For them, this blessing is completely useless, since soulblaze only deals decent damage at 4+ stacks (which would require multiple crits within a short timeframe) and a crit with these staffs will kill the enemy anyway unless it is a big boy, in which case you would not spam them with that staff in the first place and rather attack them with something else.

Meanwhile the other two staffs (surge and purgatus), which hit at a high rate, can not get the “soulblaze on crit” blessing although it would make a lot of sense if they could.
The Surge staff has “crit” stats built in. The purgatus staff already applies soulblaze stacks by default. Both of these staffs would work well with the blessing, yet they are the ones where it does not appear.

Additionally to this, some of the psyker talents are simply useless and brain burst does not do very well on high difficulty.

Now to the recent psyker change:
The only way to effectively use the brainburst ability, is to constantly stay at high peril (90%+) and vent after every cast (which is fine because it is kinda risky). The “crit at high peril” blessing for staffs promotes the play at high peril as well, which is fine, since it synergizes with how brainburst is used.
However, instead of addressing any of the issues with the psyker and buffing it, the devs decided to add a new “feature” that (sometimes) inhibits active peril quelling for multiple seconds upon reaching 100% peril, basically removing the one thing that made brainburst usable.
Since this garbage was implemented, i played 2 missions on my psyker (being massively annoyed by this, thinking it was due to lag) and then went to the meat grinder to find out that this quelling inhibition is actually by design and not due to server lag. I have only played the other three classes but not touched the psyker since.
What the hell were the devs thinking?